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Call Whisper Message

CallScaler makes it easy for you to give context to every call before being connected with call whisper messages.

What is a call whisper?

A call whisper is a short text-to-speech greeting that the person answering the phone hears before they’re connected to the person calling.

These whisper messages can give you immediate context as to who’s calling and how they found your business.

When the call receiver can gain insight from a call whisper, they are immediately more prepared to have a productive conversation that converts leads faster on incoming calls.

This also improves the quality of your sales conversations because when the phone rings, the call whisper feature allows you to know where your potential customer found your business. 

Set up call whispers for your business phone today.

Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

Set up custom call whisper in CallScaler

The great thing about CallScaler is you can purchase as many phone numbers as you want at only $0.50 per number and add the call whisper feature to enhance your call tracking.

With this affordable pricing combined with the power of call whisper messages, you are able to test as many marketing channels as you want without breaking the bank.

All you need to do is purchase phone numbers and set a custom call whisper message for each number to give context to each call.

To add a custom whisper message, all you need to do is:

  • Click “Edit call flow” for the call flow attached to the phone number you want to have a call whisper message on.
  • Find the field on the right-hand side called “Pre-call whisper message” to add a call whisper to any incoming call

For example, you could set up a custom call whisper message specifically for a Google Search Ads campaign you are running.

For example:

pre-call whisper message example for Google Ads

This may be important for the call receiver if you are running a specific campaign on Google Search Ads that gives customers a discount on a specific type of service offering. You can make your call whisper simple or give contextual information to have handy when inbound calls are connected.

Let clients know that your company sent them this call

If you are a marketing agency that sends clients phone calls, a call whisper is also a good way to let them know when an inbound call is coming from you.

Not only does call whispering give clients a reminder of the value that you bring them, but it also gives the client some relevant information before the call if you are working on a specific marketing campaign for them.

Here’s an example of how call whispering could look:

call whispering example for clients

Overall, call whisper messages can be very helpful to improve agent performance, help pass on marketing campaign details, and to give any phone call receiver insight before being connected to their potential new customer.

What does the caller hear while the call whisper plays?

The caller continues to hear ringing while the call whispering plays. Using a call whisper is only a feature that the call recipient will experience.

With the CallScaler call tracking service, can I do call whispering and call recording at the same time?

Yes and you can add your call tracking number as a caller ID so that you or your clients know that the call is coming from your tracking and then you can add a call whisper automated message to give further context to the call before the call is connected.

Why do you need call whispering in the first place?

Call whisper may be fairly straightforward, but what is the technology behind it? Without getting too deep in the weeds, let’s take a real-world example from a marketing call center: they handle inbound campaigns for a college test-prep firm.

These campaigns originate from sources including billboards, TV ads, and all sorts of both organic and paid search engine programs.

At the beginning of a marketing program that relies on inbound calls, marketers or their support staff will link specific ad campaigns to unique virtual phone numbers. When calls start ringing in, they get routed to individual call center agents.

If you have an individual number set up for all of your different advertising campaigns, you can set up your call whispering to let your call agents know what ad campaign brought in the most calls.

If you know what the person is calling about before they call, then you can answer their questions. This will make it easier for call agents to talk to your potential customers and will be better for all team members involved.

Call whispers arm your agents with powerful details before they are connected.

As a business, leveraging call whispers can help you guide your agents and clients through the sales process. Whether it’s a coaching opportunity, workflow for your customer service team or a marketing message before an inbound call is connected you have the ability to add information to the call whisper that will be available for the caller before they are connected.

Do you have to do call whispering on every phone number that comes in?

No! You can choose which phone numbers should get custom call whisper messages when calls are received.

For instance, you might want all of your Google ads customer service calls to be greeted with a special message before connecting them with an agent. You may also want to know that certain calls are coming from your billboard campaign, flyer campaign, or online campaign depending on your marketing channels.

Benefits of using a call whisper system

Your team will instantly know the context of a phone call for marketing purposes before they are connected to an incoming caller.

Disadvantages of using call tracking whisper

There may be a longer delay before actually talking to your customer, which is always risky if the customer is impatient.

Does a call tracking and whisper system help with spam calls?

Not necessarily, but luckily CallScaler has a spam call blocking add on feature to help bring customer satisfaction and help your business team save time, and have an overall better customer experience.

Overall, your telephone number is the perfect place to add whisper functionality before the call begins and you will be happy to have this feature for all of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.
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