Call Whisper Feature

CallScaler makes it easy for you to give context to every call before being connected with call whisper messages.

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What is a call whisper?

A call whisper is a short text-to-speech greeting that the person answering the phone hears before they’re connected to the person calling.

These whisper messages can give you immediate context as to who’s calling and how they found your business.

When the call receiver can gain insight from a call whisper, they are immediately more prepared to have a productive conversation that converts leads faster.

Set up custom whisper messages in CallScaler

The great thing about CallScaler is you can purchase as many phone numbers as you want at only $0.29 per number.

With this affordable pricing combined with the power of call whisper messages, you are able test as many marketing channels as you want without breaking the bank. All you need to do is purchase phone numbers and set a custom call whisper message for each number to give context to each call.

For example you could set up a custom call whisper message specifically for a Google Search Ads campaign you are running. For example:

This may be important for the call receiver if you are running a specific campaign on Google Search Ads that gives customers a discount on a specific type of service offering. You can make your call whisper simple or as detailed as you want!

Let clients know that your company sent them this call

If you are a marketing agency that sends clients phone calls, a call whisper is also a good way to let them know when a call is coming from you.

Not only does this give clients a reminder of the value that you bring them, but it also gives the client some context before the call if you are working on a specific marketing campaign for them.

Here's an example of how that could look:

Overall, call whisper messages can be very helpful to give any call receiver insight before being connected to their potential new customer. Sign up for a free CallScaler account now to test out this feature first-hand!

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