Payment Terms & Conditions

When will my credit card be charged?

The card you attach to your account will be charged in these scenarios:

  • When you add funds to your account manually
  • By default, your account balance goes below $5, we will automatically charge the card on file with a $20 deposit, so you can avoid going negative in your balance
    • In the billing settings area of your account, you can change the low balance threshold amount ($5) and the top-up deposit amount to whatever you prefer.
If you are on the Basic Plan, Pro Plan or Agency plan, you will also pay recurring fees to use CallScaler. This price is currently $29/month for the Basic Plan, $49/month for the Pro Plan and $199/month for the Agency plan. 

You will also receive a cheaper recurring fee in these scenarios:

  • If you pay quarterly, you will receive a 10% discount on the monthly price
  • If you pay yearly, you will receive a 20% discount on the monthly price
  • If you pay bi-yearly, you will receive a 30% discount on the monthly price

When will my account balance be affected?

Money will be deducted from your account balance based on which plan you are subscribed to according to the table below.

If you are subscribed to the Agency plan, you will not pay any usage to CallScaler and instead pay usage directly to Agency through your Agency account. 

You can see all usage pricing displayed for the other two plans on the pricing page here in the second section of the page.

If you previously subscribed to a plan, you are grandfathered into our cheaper usage pricing and you can reach out to our support team to get exact pricing if you need it. You will know you are grandfathered in if on the billing page, your selected plan says “Legacy Plan”

Refund Policy

For all recurring payments, we offer a 14 day refund policy. Please note that claiming a refund will cancel your account. All phone numbers will be released from our platform and calls/texts will no longer be processed for you.

We do not offer refunds on account balance deposits, automatic deposits, or adding any funds to your account balance. We also do not offer refunds to users who have been reported for illegal activity on our platform.

Porting Pricing

Porting your numbers in is 100% free. 

Porting your numbers out of CallScaler is a $10 one-time fee per number.

Illegal Activity Penalty

Starting October 13, 2021, any users that are reported for conducting illegal activity on our platform (including but not limited to: eBay impersonation, Cash app impersonation, PayPal impersonation, Venmo impersonation, or any type of scam related to impersonating larger companies) will have their account immediately suspended and their card on file charged up to a $250 penalty. 

Our refund policy does not apply to users who have been reported of illegal activity.

Do you have a question about our payment terms & conditions?

No need to fret! Please reach out to our team on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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