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What is a call tracking number? How is it used for marketing?


Call tracking numbers are phone numbers that are used to track marketing efforts in your business.

Businesses put unique tracking numbers on each of their marketing campaigns to see how many calls each campaign is generating.

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Introduction to trackable phone numbers

Say goodbye to the days when you blindly picked up your ringing phone, wondering if it was a new caller or an old prospect—call tracking can reveal who is calling so that you aren’t in the dark. 

Even better, you’ll see which ad or campaign got their attention and you get overall tracking data.

So, what is a tracking phone number? 

More than just telling you which number is calling, a call tracking phone number will tell you where the caller originates from, how long they stay on the phone with you and keep you informed about all of your businesses inbound calls.

Call tracking numbers are unique phone numbers that can be called at any time. You can track calls made to your main business lines as well as your mobile phones! 

Call tracking can even be used to determine if a user clicked on one of your ads or filled out a lead generation form.

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What exactly are call tracking numbers?

Call tracking is a service used to monitor the performance of an advertising campaign or marketing strategy. The process begins with you creating or obtaining a unique local and toll free tracking number that users can call to connect with your business.

These unique tracking numbers will then be provided to the user as they click on your ad, enter their information in your lead generation form etc., and will appear on their caller ID when they place a call back to you.

Why are these call tracking phone numbers essential?

You will be able to see what numbers are calling you, who your best customers are, how long people are staying on the phone with you, and even if someone is using a mobile device when they contact you.

In addition to the tracking capabilities, the callers will see your tracking numbers or toll free tracking numbers on different marketing channels so that you can see which of your ad campaigns bring in the most calls.

For example, say that you have a business in Miami and an ad campaign running online in Chicago. You have created a unique 800 number for ads and landing pages to drive potential customers towards your sales calls…


Why should your business track phone calls to keep track of marketing efforts?

If you don’t know which marketing methods lead to phone calls, how can you improve them? Businesses that don’t track their inbound calls and phone activity could be losing thousands of dollars in missed sales opportunities.

With call tracking, businesses can: 

  • See the areas that your customers are calling from
  • See what time of day they prefer to reach out
  • Find out if a client was referred or found your business online
  • Reduce telephone costs by answering calls with an automated message instead of an expensive phone line
  • Redirect callers to the best representative for certain products and services
  • Set up conference calls so multiple people can get on the line at once
  • Get more information through live chat regarding what prompted their call
  • Track overall conversations with prospects

How do I optimize paid search with a call tracking number?

You can optimize your campaign or create a unique tracking number for each campaign to measure the performance of specific tactics.

Call tracking numbers will give you unlimited information on what ads are working and how long people stay on the phone with your business when they see your ad, click on it and call in.

Call tracking is also a great way to determine which keywords are bringing in the most calls via online ads so you can focus on those that bring results rather than just wasting money on unproductive searches.

The power of call tracking is endless, but all businesses should use it to find out which marketing programs result in phone calls. By using this service, businesses can increase sales opportunities by effectively segmenting target markets and learn more about their customers via phone calls and what marketing campaigns are driving calls.


How Call Tracking helps businesses grow?

Call tracking can be used to analyze calls from every point of customer interaction, such as:

  • An ad on your website
  • Information you give out at trade shows
  • A coupon for a sale
  • A lead generation form people fill out when they visit your site or are interested in your business.  

Bottom line? Online call tracking will help you keep an eye on the performance of every marketing campaign and tactic that gets results!

With call tracking, businesses can see if there is increased activity overall each month and specific days of the week or time of day when customers call. If they are getting more phone calls on a specific day, then an advertising strategy might need to change. You can even use it to find out how your marketing dollars are affecting your advertising performance and what your overall campaign effectiveness is.


What are local tracking numbers and how does call tracking software work?

Call tracking will give you phone numbers that you can add to any form, website or advertisement. Using these numbers, the call is tracked through an assigned code and then matched with your customer information so you can keep track of your marketing efforts.

It’s that simple! If there are questions about how it works, there are plenty of companies ready to help small businesses by providing them with this service at a low cost.

What do I need in order to see how call tracking works?

  • A computer or laptop
  • You might want a mobile phone for incoming calls
  • Time to create a CallScaler account and set up multiple phone numbers

Setting up local tracking numbers or toll-free tracking phone numbers for marketing

This usually takes only a few minutes. You can choose from a wide selection of area codes, so chances are you will find one that fits your business.

You might want to test it out with ad campaigns, in your call center, or to just see how your advertising efforts and marketing channels are bringing in phone conversations.

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Personalizing the caller experience with a call tracking number

Now that businesses know how to measure phone calls and the impact of call tracking software on business, they need to figure out how to personalize the experience. How can you make each caller feel special?


One way to personalize your call numbers online is by using personalized greetings.

This makes customers feel like they matter! So even if your company sees a large volume of calls throughout the day from many different people, you can still make each person feel special when he/she calls in for help.

What do you do when your phone rings?

In order to make customers feel special, you must answer the phone as though it’s the first time. How do you sound when someone calls your business versus how it sounds when you call other businesses?

The same goes for online contact with a site visitor. Don’t make customers go through a long series of options or be put on hold to speak with a contact center.

Know the source of every interaction with your customer

With call tracking software routing to your business phones, you can clearly see how and where every customer interaction happens with data. For example: If someone calls in and wants to make an appointment for a haircut, then this is tracked as a phone appointment.

This data will give you a better understanding on which advertising channels bring in more sales and the most phone calls, such as online ads or from searches.


Use toll-free numbers in your website call tracking strategy

Even if you have local number for your business, you might want to consider using toll-free numbers in some of your marketing campaigns.

Using toll-free numbers in call tracking can help businesses improve their branding and give them an advantage over competitors.

If they make a lot of calls, then the cost is also worth it! It’s especially useful for those who are actively doing something on social media platforms that do not allow numbers with area codes.

For example: You may be sending out Tweets to link people back to your blog or website. In these situations, you’ll need a way to track how many people clicked through and called after seeing your Tweet.


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