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Pay Per Call Software

Automatically invoice clients for qualified calls using CallScaler.

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Streamline your revenue with CallScaler's Pay Per Call Billing Suite

Introducing CallScaler’s Pay Per Call Billing Suite, a revolutionary feature that automates the billing process for qualified calls. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and hello to streamlined revenue collection.

Here’s how it works:

  • Seamless integration with Stripe: Effortlessly connect your Stripe account to send clients invoices for calls.
  • Automated invoicing: Automatically send invoices to your clients for qualified calls, eliminating the need for manual work.
  • Customizable billing rules: Define your billing rules based on call duration. Charge a specific amount for calls exceeding a set time limit, ensuring you’re fairly compensated for your time and expertise.
  • Flexible billing schedule: Choose your preferred billing frequency, weekly or monthly, to align with your cash flow needs.

You can set up different clients and attach specific numbers to each client with different billing rules for each number or client.

Stripe integration

As for how it actually charges the clients, you can set the billing schedule (weekly or monthly) and then connect your Stripe account to automatically bill your clients on that specific schedule.

Clients will receive an email with a payable invoice in it and when users pay, it will go directly to your Stripe account.

Example scenario

Let's say you are an agency that wants to charge strictly on performance. You can do exactly that by charging on a pay-per-call basis.

Your client will only pay when they get qualified calls and you'll get paid for delivering what you promise!

For example, if you have a pest control client and they want to get more leads, they may agree to pay $50 for all calls over 120 seconds.

You could then set up the billing suite in CallScaler to automatically track all qualified calls and invoice the client on a weekly or monthly basis automatically.

Benefits of using pay per call software

  • Increased efficiency: Save valuable time and resources by automating the billing process.
  • Improved cash flow: Get paid faster with automatic invoicing and weekly or monthly billing options.
  • Reduced errors: Eliminate the risk of human error associated with manual invoicing.
  • Enhanced transparency: Provide your clients with clear and detailed invoices for their records.

Take control of your revenue with CallScaler’s Pay Per Call Billing Suite. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the power of automated billing.

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pay per call process

Pay Per Call FAQ

Have other questions about pay per call? We can help!

Pay Per Call is a performance-based billing model where you only pay for qualified calls that connect you with potential customers. You set a predetermined rate per call, and CallScaler automatically tracks and bills your clients for qualifying calls, eliminating the need for manual invoicing.

To use CallScaler’s Pay Per Call Billing Suite, simply integrate your Stripe account and set your desired billing rules. Define a minimum call duration and the corresponding charge per qualifying call. Choose your preferred billing frequency (weekly or monthly) and CallScaler will handle the rest, automatically generating invoices for your clients.

Yes, Pay Per Call Billing Suite is suitable for various industries, including:

  • Lead generation: Generate leads for your clients and get paid per qualified call.
  • Consulting: Charge for consultations based on call duration, ensuring fair compensation for your expertise.
  • Customer support: Charge per call for extended support sessions.
  • Home services: Offer pay-per-call options for services like pest control, plumbing, or electrical services.

This definition is customizable within CallScaler. You can set specific criteria for a call to be considered “qualified,” such as minimum call duration, specific keywords mentioned, or customer actions taken during the call. This ensures you’re only billed for calls that truly represent valuable leads or customer interactions.

CallScaler provides detailed call logs and recordings, allowing you to easily verify the call duration and legitimacy of any disputed charges. You can readily resolve any discrepancies with your client based on accurate call data.

While Pay Per Call Billing Suite is included in your CallScaler subscription, standard Stripe processing fees may apply. However, these fees are typically minimal and represent a small percentage of your overall revenue generated through pay-per-call campaigns.


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