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CallRail Alternative: Call Tracking Software Competitors Similar To CallRail

Want a simpler call tracking solution than CallRail? CallScaler may be the call tracking software you'd rather turn to.

✨ Recommended ✨


Best for small to medium sized agencies and local businesses.

Only $0.50 per US phone number

Client login portal included for free

Built-in client retention features

Lowest usage pricing in the industry

No credit card required


Best for enterprise companies requiring HIPAA compliance & custom features

6x more expensive for phone numbers

Requires a $65/mo
paid add-on

Client retention features not included

Most expensive usage pricing in the industry

CallScaler vs. CallRail Side-By-Side Comparison


Offers the lowest-priced US phone numbers of any platform, with each number costing only $0.50 per number, passing the savings directly to customers.

Starts at a hefty $3.00 per number and does not get cheaper as you scale.

Better client management capabilities (specific number assignment and a client login portal)

Not built well for client management.

Welcome to CallScaler – one of the best CallRail competitors

If you’re on the hunt to review the best CallRail alternatives, CallScaler leads the pack by providing extremely easy-to-use call tracking software with phone number prices as low as $0.30 per number!

We are built specifically for client management so that you can easily work with your agency clients within the CallScaler system.

Some of our main features on all our plans included in our trial include:

  • Insanely Easy Call Flows (with routing, tracking, and analytics)
  • Call Recording (completely free)
  • Call Whisper
  • Call Greetings
  • Voicemails
  • Cheap phone numbers allowing you to test out a variety of marketing campaigns without breaking the bank
  • Client management capabilities
  • A+ Support Team (even while you’re on your free trial)
Get call tracking numbers for only $0.50/mo
Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

Call tracking software built to scale with your business

When you’re making a choice on online call tracking software it’s important to keep the future in mind as you’re making this important decision for your business.

CallScaler is the only company that scales with you in real-time and provides phone numbers on the platform at as low as $0.20 per number. This allows your business to test out different marketing campaigns, different lead generation campaigns, and overall increase your inbound phone call volume at a price that would cost you 5-10x more if you were at CallRail.

A robust and customizable solution to call tracking

Use CallScaler to unify the communication to generate powerful data on conversations with all of your customers. Even the free trial plan is a feature-rich solution that offers all the features you need to generate more phone calls for your business.

The switch to CallScaler as a CallRail alternative has never been easier

For a limited time, if you quit one of our competitors to subscribe to CallScaler, you qualify for four months compltely free. All you need to do is reach out to our support and we will take care of the hard lifting and get your account in good shape.

You can also sign up for a free trial for your business or call center to set up call routing and tracking within 3 minutes and experience the power for yourself.

CallScaler – A perfect replacement to CallRail

CallScaler, the best CallRail alternative, offers top-quality functionality for customer interaction – including improved productivity and increased service. With its intuitive interface, the call tracking software helps business entrepreneurs buy phone numbers and set up call routing within just a few clicks.

When you buy a virtual phone number in the CallScaler platform, you get a spam-free local or toll-free tracking number. As one of the best CallRail alternatives, CallScaler can be the ultimate back-end phone system for your marketing initiatives to help your business get a massive boost in targeted leads and customers.

Why is CallScaler a better alternative to CallRail?

CallScaler’s software lets you get much cheaper pricing when it comes to buying a phone number or paying for minutes and texts.

With this pricing discount, your business not only benefits from a lower monthly bill, but also with such a steep change in usage pricing, your team can test out a massive amount of tests for whatever campaign comes to mind without breaking the bank.

If you need hundreds of numbers for an SEO idea or to test out a variety of Google ads, you can use the different numbers for each ad and pull the data directly from the number of calls to determine which of your ads are generating the most leads for you.

Now if we were to compare this to CallRail…

You’d need to be paying 5-10x more for every phone number which can make testing your ad ideas or scaling your call center unfeasible altogether.

With the free trial at CallScaler, you can test out all of these features and we can guarantee you will not regret trying out the software for yourself.

Would you like to test out a free trial of CallScaler?

With CallScaler, you can see a wide range of functionality-based automation, analysis reporting, and automation features.

Multiple customers have posted a review of CallScaler saying things like:

  • “Wow, CallScaler is dead simple when it comes to inbound call software. Everything is intuitive and the pricing is affordable enough to let me add numbers whenever I want and let me see the analytics before completely dismissing any marketing campaign.”
  • “Even with just 20 numbers, I was paying CallRail over $300 dollars a month. I needed a better software solution to handle calls for my business and CallScaler proved to be much more effective pricing-wise than CallRail.”

Customer Support

Customer support is important to us as well, so if you have any question whatsoever about how we can help get your business set up, we can respond as quick as possible.

Look, when it comes to brass tax, CallScaler has the best options available to you to quickly get started buying a virtual number and getting it forwarded to the right person within your business.

Why not test out a free trial right now? What’s the risk?

You should pick CallScaler over CallRail for a number of reasons, including the fact that CallScaler offers top-notch features for effective client communication, has an insanely easy-to-use interface, can be set up in just two minutes, and offers more affordable plans than other VoIP service providers.

Moreover, it also provides virtual, toll-free, and local numbers all across the United States of America and Canada, allowing you to project a professional image in whatever area code you are located in or hoping to have a tracking number in.

How does this app compare to other call tracking solutions?

In the case of most other call tracking solutions and alternatives to CallRail, you have to think about the price of things deep into the future – and in that case, CallScaler is the front-runner. Customer reviews, sales, and overall features will provide you all the support you need for real time tracking and data analytics.

Along with that, you get faster call connectivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. Our system provides 99.5% uptime for your class and with our free trial, you get all the features you need to bring more leads into your business and then you can compare how we match up against CallRail.

Get call tracking numbers for only $0.50/mo
Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.
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