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CALL TRACking numbers

Scalable call tracking for growing businesses.

Track & attribute calls in your business for only $0.50 per phone number.

Attribute inbound calls

Manage clients easily

Handle all things phone

Welcome to CallScaler

Call tracking built to scale with you - not against you.

The best phone number pricing on the internet, guaranteed.

Why choose CallScaler?

With CallScaler, you can experiment with marketing ideas without experiencing massive phone costs.

6x cheaper phone numbers

Only pay $0.50 / number instead of $3.00+ charged by competitors.

Top rated for ease of use

You'll find it easy to use CallScaler without feeling like you need to read a manual.

Charge clients for calls

Give clients their own login and even charge them on a pay per call basis.

No immediate commitment required

Just say "maybe" right now and give it a try for free.

Who should choose CallScaler?

CallScaler is great for all types of businesses that use call tracking to route & record calls.

Lead generation businesses

Scaling your lead-gen business is more affordable long-term with CallScaler.

Marketing & SEO agencies

CallScaler is great for your managing & invoicing your clients for calls.

High volume businesses

If you plan for high volume, CallScaler is the most cost effective long-term.

Local businesses

Test more marketing strategies without worrying about scaling costs.

Call tracking system

All the features you need in call tracking.

Why Callscaler?

Spend less time worrying about fees. tracking attribution.  creating reports.

CallScaler saves you both time and money. In just a couple clicks, you can set up hundreds of new call tracking numbers at the most affordable price on the entire internet.

Along with that, you can auto-magically track marketing attribution in the CallScaler platform. Easily assign names to numbers based on their marketing campaign and see how every campaign performs.

What are you waiting for? There is a reason over 1 million minutes get processed through CallScaler each and every month. Join now and start scaling your lead generation business today.

No credit card required

Watch the Demo for CallScaler

Looking for the best online call tracking website? Take a peek at our demo video now to learn how CallScaler can help you route, record, and track calls within your business.


Find out what works and what doesn't.

With CallScaler's call tracking software, you can create 100s or even 1000s of numbers to test different online marketing ideas, Google Ads, and SEO campaigns without breaking the bank with our inexpensive call tracking services.

Say goodbye to the days where you picked up phone, wondering where the caller was coming from—call analytics can reveal exactly which ads are driving calls so that you aren’t in the dark with your marketing data and so you can help your sales teams optimize marketing performance. 

You can even use our new feature, Caller ID, which lets you set your call tracking number in CallScaler to always be the caller ID when inbound phone calls come through. This lets you (or your clients) know exactly which campaign the customer saw before calling your company. Pretty cool right? 

If you need a bit more help with what tracking numbers are and how to add them to your business website, click the button below to read our full guide on tracking numbers.

calling tracking online experimentation
online call tracking for seo

Call tracking online

Keep a close eye on your lead generation or marketing campaigns.

Our cheap call tracking software tracks your marketing and SEO campaign phone calls at a fraction of what it costs everywhere else.

Adding tracking numbers to your business is a long-term play, so you will want to use a reliable phone provider who will be around for the long haul.

This is where CallScaler steps in to help. When you get a virtual number with CallScaler, you’ll find that it's the best call tracking software to use to track all of your sales efforts, such as website SEO, direct mail, PPC ads, and much more.

Want to see if we have your area code available to purchase a tracking number for yourself? Click the button below to get directed to our internal area code checker to see if we have yours available!

RELIABLE AND EASY-TO-USE call tracking software

Start call tracking with a new local phone number in 60 seconds.

Set up your phone numbers (local or toll free numbers available), record phone calls, and get amazing call data about each customer journey at your fingertips in just a few clicks.

When businesses and agencies finally decide to start using a call tracking system with call forwarding for their digital marketing, their overall marketing strategy improves.

There is a famous saying "What gets measured gets managed" and it holds true for tracking phone numbers and tracking marketing ROI data from all of your marketing channels.

When the phone rings, your customer experience will improve, you can track valuable leads and make valuable marketing decisions with the data gathered from your online and offline campaigns.

Risk-free for 14 days!
Pick your number

Find a local number from any US city for as low as $0.50.

Set the forwarding number

Use our call tracking platform to route calls and texts to the right phone number.

Get real time call analytics

Track texting, voice calls, & voicemails coming from your ads or website.

Callscaler - the ultimate call tracking solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Add CallScaler to your suite of marketing tools and get call tracking numbers today!

One great call tracking feature is the ability to send a SMS upon a missed call. 

You can use this call outcome data to either send yourself (or your client) a notification of the missed call or send the caller a custom message right after the call was missed to give them a better customer experience.

This is one of CallScaler’s most powerful tracking features to help improve sales performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Here are 3 simple steps to track a phone call online: 

  1. Sign up now. Sign up for a CallScaler account in 30 seconds (no credit card required.
  2. Buy a local or toll-free number to route incoming calls to your mobile device.
  3. Record calls and start monitoring your marketing campaign to see which campaigns bring you new customers. 

You ever wonder “how did my customer find out about us?”

There are a ton of tools online nowadays that help you figure out how a customer got to your website, but when it comes to calls it can still be very tricky to know how your prospective customer found out about your business…

CallScaler is the perfect call tracking solution to help you answer that question and help you figure out which ad campaign is performing the best compared to other marketing channels.

When using call tracking, you buy multiple phone numbers and ad a unique number to each campaign.

After the calls start to roll in, you can use CallScaler to see exactly which campaign is bringing in the most calls.

From there, you can pick a clear winner out of multiple ads and double down on that idea.

If you don’t use call tracking, you will be clueless on which marketing messages connect with your audience and could be running a bad ad for months or years on end!

Call tracking works by assigning a local or 800 number to a business phone line so that when the ‘new’ number is called, it forwards the call to your business line. 

The assigned number is tied to technology that has the ability to track:

  • Caller information (phone, location, name)
  • Call details (date/time, duration)
  • All the features you need to bring in more quality leads and optimize your campaign performance

Large and small businesses will decide to implement tracking software when they realize they are flying blind on which marketing sources are bringing them calls. 

Implementing CallScaler’s software platform gives many businesses the full picture of their different channels and lets them know exactly which marketing efforts got their customers to pick up the phone and dial.

When it comes to testing Google ads, you will want to set up multiple landing pages to test out different offers for your customers. 

You can use CallScaler to put a unique number on each landing page and then use our system to track how many calls each ad got to determine which ad is better.

Each ad can have call routing set up to go to your main business line so that the right person (or sales team) will always receive the calls.


Watch a demo of CallScaler & get $25 in free account credit

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