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$ 39 / mo + usage

Billed $470 per year

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$ 79 / mo + usage

Billed $950 per year

high volume PLAN

$ 399 / mo + usage

Billed $4,788 per year


$ 49 / mo + usage


$ 99 / mo + usage


$ 499 / mo + usage

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Per Month
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Billed $470 per year



Per Month
Plus Usage Fees

Billed $950 per year

High Volume


Per Month
Plus Usage Fees

Billed $4,788 per year



Per Month
Plus Usage Fees



Per Month
Plus Usage Fees

High Volume


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Frequently Asked Questions

You pay a recurring fee (monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on what you decide) to use the platform.

Along with that you also have an account balance for all usage billing (paying for phone numbers, minutes, texts, etc).

When your account balance goes below $5, we will automatically charge the card on file with a $20 deposit, so you can avoid going negative in your balance.

We start you off with a free $10 in your account balance, but you can add additional funds at any time.

For all pricing details, feel free to read our payment terms.

Nope! Most competitors charge for this, but at CallScaler it is completely free.

You can port your numbers into CallScaler at no cost. 

When you port a number in, you will start paying usage pricing through CallScaler (including the monthly phone number cost).

Porting out of CallScaler is $10/number. If you have a large quantity of numbers you’d like to port out we may be able to offer a discount on a case-by-case basis.

CallScaler currently only offers numbers in US & Canada. We hope to offer more countries soon, but we do not have a timeline on that.

That being said, our numbers can contact and be contacted by numbers outside of the US & Canada.

You do not have to be a US or Canadian resident to sign up for our services.

You can always upgrade to a new plan on the billing page in the app. 

Yes, you can block spam easily within CallScaler. You can manually block numbers which is free & we have an automated spam blocker that checks each number against a database of 1 million+ reported spam numbers before connecting. The automated spam blocker costs $0.005 per call.

100% risk free for 14 days!

High Volume Discounts 🎉

The more you use, the less you pay. After you have 40 numbers in your account, contact our support team to get on a high volume plan.

Phone Numbers


40 - 99 numbers

100 - 499 numbers

500 - 999 numbers

1000+ numbers

$0.65 /number/month

$0.60 /number/month

$0.55 /number/month

$0.45 /number/month

Yes, you can port your numbers in and get these prices.

Spam Blocker

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Check every call against a database of 1 million+ reported numbers and automatically block robocallers & spam callers.

Free Addon

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