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Call Flow Software

Looking to set up call flow automation in your business? CallScaler has all the tools to make this dead simple for you and your team.

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How call flows work in CallScaler

A call flow is a step by step process that routes inbound calls in your business. With call flows, you can forward calls, record calls, and set up automations to happen every time a customer calls your business.

Creating the perfect call flow automation can help small business route calls, deal with missed calls, and create a great overall customer experience. It can help you manage your leads, track calls, and send missed call texts or email notifications.

In CallScaler, we have a visual interface set up so you can easily add steps and set up exactly how you want every customer call experience to be:

Call Flow Software Options

Essentially, any time a new call comes into this management system, it will follow the process that you set up. Our users typically add 2-5 steps to their flow to manage customers calls in the most effective way.

You can attach as many numbers as you want to one call flow. With the ability to bulk attach call tracking numbers to call flows, it creates for a much more scalable and flexible solution for your clients or agents.

Feature 1: Forward Calls

When setting up a call flow, the first option, call forwarding, is almost always used. This is a straightforward feature that will forward any call to the destination number of your choosing.

This could be a client, your sales team, your call center company, or wherever you want the call to go.

At the bottom of this module, you'll also see the option to "Wait for 20 seconds before moving on to the next step if no one answers". This is defaulted to 20 seconds but you have the call ring as short as 10 seconds and as long as 50 seconds before moving to the next step.

Call Forwarding

Feature 2: Add Custom Greetings

There is also an option to add in custom greetings before a call is connected. Set custom greetings with text-to-speech or by uploading a wav/mp3 file to play before connecting the call.

This can be helpful in scenarios where you want to let the customer know you're recording the call or if you want to play a brief message before calls get connected.

Call Flow Custom Greeting

Feature 3: Set Up Voicemail

If a caller does not answer, you can have the next step be a voicemail. Set voicemails with text-to-speech or upload a wav/mp3 file and get an easy-to-view log of all voicemails directly in your account.

You can also send an SMS with the voicemail recording to any number you want. This could be to yourself, your client, or to an employee that is handling callbacks.

Note: You can also have callers go directly to voicemail without having a call forward module beforehand if that is your call flow strategy.

Call Flow Voicemail Options

Feature 4: Send Missed Call Texts

If you have a call forwarding module and the call is not answered, then we can detect that in our software and send an automation because of it.

This is a powerful tool you can use to let clients or employees know that they missed a call. This can also be helpful to send a missed call text to the caller to let them know an alternative way they can contact you or to push them to fill out a form.

At the bottom, you'll see that there is an option to "include caller number in the text". You typically only want to enable this if you're sending the missed call text to a client or employee and not the caller directly.

Missed Call SMS Text Notification

Feature 5: Email Notifications & Automation

Another helpful feature when it comes to call flows is automated email notifications. These real-time reports will email you any time a qualified customer call comes through your call flows.

A great way to filter for quality calls is to check the "Only send email if the call is over 90 seconds" checkbox. You can edit the duration of seconds to whatever you deem to be a qualified call, but this will be helpful so you don't get emails for any spam, robo-calls or unqualified leads.

Email out call details to any clients, teammates, call center agents, or employees that would need this information. This email gets sent immediately after the call ends.

Email Notifications

Feature 6: Set Up Multi-Ringing

The last option for our call flow software is the multi-ringing module. This will ring multiple numbers at once and the first number to answer gets the call.

The main purpose for this feature is to help call centers & small businesses speak to customers as quickly as possible. This helps boost the customer experience and increases the number of customer interactions because calls are answered quickly.

This feature has also been used if you have multiple clients in the same vertical and you want to split up the leads to the client that answers the quickest.

Control exactly the agents or clients that receive calls by adding up to 10 numbers to the multi-ringing queue.


Additional settings & features

On the call flow page, there are also a variety of additional features and settings that you can enable. If you want to forward SMS messages, you can do that with a click of a button.

You can also record all calls that come through this call flow and set up pre-call whisper messages if you'd like. Recorded calls can be helpful to improve first call resolution during training time.

Another setting is to show your CallScaler number instead of the caller's number to the person who is answering calls. This lets people add their CallScaler number as a contact on their phone and subsequently lets them know where the call is coming from before they answer the phone.

Lastly, we have a "Press 1 to connect" feature. This feature can help filter out robo-calls by requiring the caller to press 1 in order to connect the call. We typically only recommend enabling this if you're having serious problems with robo-calls on a number that is attached to this call flow.

Call Flow Additional Settings

Want to set up a call flow for yourself?

With CallScaler, you can get a number set up in just a few clicks. Easily add more numbers and more call flows to your account.

Whether you're a contact center looking to manage inbound calls easier or a lead generation expert looking to route calls & boost call volume, you can give CallScaler a try now!

Ready to set up call flows in your business?

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the Call FLOW process

Call Flows FAQ

Have other questions about call flow automations? We can help!

A call flow is a step by step process that tracks and manages routing inbound calls in your business. Typically, this involves forwarding incoming calls to the right person or call routing to a specific team in your business.

You can also set up automations with a call flow that will help you track calls effectively, save time, and keep everyone informed about the calls coming into your business.

All of this will help you manage customer support calls with ease, increase efficiency and grow your customer relationships.


No not necessarily, call center software can have a wide variety of features (one of which is call flows), but almost every business benefits from having call flows manage the incoming calls in their business. 

A larger call center solution or call center software product would have more enterprise features such as interactive voice response (IVR System), workforce management tools, service level agreements, and much more that a typical small business would not require.

You can add as many numbers as you want to one call flow. This makes it easy to just do the setup one time and avoid having to spend time setting up a call flow for each individual number. 

Here are four benefits of using call flows in your business:

  1. You can record calls to listen back later for quality assurance or training purposes.
  2. You can send missed call texts to save customers from using a different business for whatever services they are looking for.
  3. You can set up call whispers to give context to every call before you’re connected.
  4. You can set up email notifications to send after a qualified lead has completed a call with your business.

No. You can use your existing phone system and just use CallScaler to buy phone numbers and forward calls on them to the right client or employee in your business.

It depends on your state and country, but to be on the safe side of federal laws -we always recommend you notify callers that a call recording is in process. 

Companies usually do this by saying something along the lines of “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes” and it is usually something as simple as that.

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