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Best Inbound Call Tracking Software Tools in 2024


For straightforward, cost-effective call tracking, CallScaler stands out as the top choice. With industry-leading prices at just $0.50 per number, you pay 6x less than competitors.

This not only saves you money, but also supports business growth through the ability to freely experiment and maximize your ROI.

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What’s the best software for tracking inbound calls?

In a world where 65% of businesses rate phone calls as their most valuable lead source, call tracking software is not just a tool—it’s a game-changer. This technology isn’t merely about tracking calls; it’s about unlocking the story behind every ring.

Imagine this scenario: Your business receives calls from various sources – online ads, local listings, or even a billboard. Call tracking software not only tracks these calls but also offers insights into your customer’s journey. It’s about understanding the ‘why’ and ‘where’ of your leads.

Key Features of Call Tracking Software:

  1. Call Recording: Gain direct insights into customer interactions.
  2. Diverse Tracking: Monitors calls from Google Maps, PPC ads, social media, and more.
  3. Client Management: If you track calls for clients, it’s vital to have great client management.

Selecting the right call tracking software is crucial, whether it’s for your own business or a client’s. It transforms every phone call into a strategic asset, revealing which marketing efforts truly resonate.

With this in mind, let’s delve into the top 9 inbound call tracking software platforms of 2024, each offering unique features to enhance your marketing strategies.

Top Pick: CallScaler is the best software for call tracking in 2024

Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

1.) CallScaler

I know what you’re thinking – of course they are listing themselves first, but we truly think we have the best call tracking platform out in the market. 

And after all, we are ranking at the top of Google for “Best Call Tracking Software” so that has gotta mean something!

CallScaler is one of the leading call tracking software available today, used by hundreds of businesses across the world. One of the reasons why CallScaler has grown in popularity over the years is because it offers the most affordable phone number pricing and the ability to track calls at scale without breaking the bank. 

At the core of it, all call tracking software does essentially the same thing. Tracks calls and attributes calls to different marketing campaigns or sources.

With CallScaler, you get access to the following features:

  • Call Recording
  • Easy purchase of local and toll free numbers starting at just $0.50 per number
  • Amazing client management features
  • Call Whisper
  • Inbound Call Routing
  • Missed call text messages
  • Email notifications of calls
  • Dashboard views & comprehensive charts so you can see all your data from an aggregate view
  • Greetings & automations
  • Voicemail notifications
  • and much, much more…

CallScaler version 2 dashboard

All of these features are staples when it comes to call tracking and not all of the call tracking solutions on this list offer these features out of the box. 

Internet marketers often use this data and these great features to figure out how their campaigns are running and use that information to further optimize their efforts.

When it comes down to how you can do this at scale, CallScaler has the best solution and you can sign up for a risk-free trial today.

Using the call tracking software features, businesses can also improve their offline marketing efforts. In addition, it makes it possible for a business to sync their lead generation and lead nurturing efforts to improve customer support, provide customized assistance and increase close rates, among others.

When it comes to call tracking, CallScaler is the #1 solution and we highly recommend signing up right now if you’re in the market for call tracking. 

Call tracking numbers for as low as $0.50 per US number.

Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

Do you know what marketing efforts are generating calls?

With CallScaler, you can finally answer the “how did you hear about us?” question for all of your customers automatically.

Let’s run through a quick example:

Say you want to test two different door hanger designs…

  1. Doorhanger #1 has a promotion for 15% off if the customer calls about pest control services in the next 14 days.
  2. Doorhanger #2 has a “free consultation” offer at no cost to the customer

Now, how do you actually test which one brings in more calls?

The best way would be to buy two phone numbers on CallScaler to test which door hanger is actually generating more calls for your business.

(FYI: Each number only costs 50 cents so it isn’t cost-prohibitive at all to test out new ideas)

Once the calls start rolling in, you find out that Doorhanger #2 connects better with prospects and brings in 4x more calls than the other.

So now you have actionable data:

  • Doorhanger #1 doesn’t work that well.
  • Doorhanger #2 is crushing it.

If you weren’t using call tracking, you would have no idea which doorhanger was bringing in more calls.

You could be using Doorhanger #1 for months or even years without ever realizing how many customers you were losing by not using Doorhanger #2

800 response (callscaler review)

2.) 800response

It is a suite of the best real-time call tracking solutions, which is key to boosting the number of new customers, aka conversions, and optimizing interactions.

The real-time lead tracking, analytics, and customer interaction analytics help increase a company’s ability to gain insight into what’s going on with their online marketing.

Capturing customer details ensures that businesses can prioritize and rank leads based on their key demographic attributes to gain an understanding of how their customers are interacting with the business.


callaction logo (callscaler review)

3.) CallAction

Similar to many of the platforms we’ve listed above, CallAction supports users with both call enrichment and inbound call tracking based on consumer databases. The inbound call tracking software can also be integrated with an existing CRM system that logs call data.

What makes CallAction stand out from all the software we’ve listed earlier is its intelligent SMS automation system, which is perfect for responding to missed calls.

If anything, this one feature makes CallAction an excellent choice for many businesses that have mobile heavy customer bases or maybe those businesses that are investing in SMS marketing.


callfire logo (callscaler review)

4.) CallFire

CallFire is not as much of an enterprise solution. Instead, it is designed to be lightweight and do a few things better than any other competing software.

For starters, companies can use a toll-free number or maybe even an international number available in the software’s database. Then the number can be integrated with Google Analytics or just about any analytics data provider out there.

Most users will find CallFire a lot more intuitive mainly because of its custom notifications, which provide important call information and can be accessed via a mobile device or email.

Furthermore, it is relatively easy to set up, and the information provided can be invaluable for many businesses investing in digital marketing in particular.


whatconverts logo (callscaler review)

5.) WhatConverts

WhatConverts offers lead capture, call tracking, and reporting platform, allowing users to see what is converting.

WhatConverts’ features include the ability to capture phone calls, chats, transactions, and forms which can then be tied to the original source marketing effort.

The ability to track phone calls isn’t limited like a lot of its competitors in the sense that it gives businesses the ability to gather just about every bit of information that can be used for each call.

While the data collected can be a lot, it isn’t overwhelming, especially for seasoned marketers.

If anything, the keyword tracking feature helps companies gain insights into their potential buyers’ or clients’ needs.


CallRail Logo (CallScaler Review)

6.) CallRail

CallRail is one of the call tracking software intended to help businesses grow.

So, just about every feature is meant to help marketers and the businesses they work for to finetune their marketing programs to drive more leads and, in turn, an increasing number of leads into customers.

The software’s conversation intelligence, form tracking, and other features help to offer insights into all the touchpoints for each customer across their journey.

Lead Center enables businesses to connect with customers how they want, using integrated communication and a unified inbox like chat and softphone text; both features are hard to find with other software platforms.

That’s one of the reasons why over 180,000 businesses use CallRail across the world. If anything, the platform makes tracking growth easier and faster.

CallRail works best for businesses selling subscription plans, mainly because of the features it offers. Some of the platform’s top features include:

CallScore – Unlike awarding a manual score, as you would with CallRail, for instance, the scoring system is automated. The system uses machine learning and metadata to automatically come up with a lead score. If anything, it makes quickly finding the best leads and knowing their source easier.

Agent Performance – When every agent is set up as a CallRail user, it allows for performance-based reports to be generated. Owners can then pull information regarding missed calls, the number of incoming calls, and those that were answered.

Quick Tests – CallRail allows users to create text templates in their lead center, which helps save time. The software will let you send a text to customers or those whose calls were missed without having to type a new message each time. It is by far the best way to ensure that those who call have a consistently good experience. After all that’s one of the reasons to use call tracking services.


activedemand logo for callscaler review

7.) ActiveDemand

ActiveDemand’s call tracking is just one piece of the proverbial puzzle when it comes to SMB’s marketing suite.

One of the reasons businesses move over to ActiveDemand is because by doing so, they gain access to various call attribution campaigns, automatic lead distribution, and robocall campaigns.

ActiveDemand has got to be one of the easiest call tracking software out there too. Its updated interface makes it perfect for people who are new to using similar software. That’s one of the reasons why we’d recommend that new users start with ActiveDemand.


callsource logo for callscaler review

8.) CallSource

It is an excellent choice for industries that rely on setting appointments like dental, medical, automotive, and other professionals. The hottest feature is the DealSaver, auto alerts that will trigger when those fielding the calls are unable to book an appointment.

CallSource also has a lead scoring feature, which makes it possible for the business’s call center team to follow up, and provide performance coaching to those responsible for setting appointments.

Call recordings can be immensely instrumental in helping train people to be better at sales or conversions, especially when there is a particular demographic calling in with a specific question or purpose.


convirza logo for callscaler review

9.) Convirza

The company’s website states that Convirza is designed for both small and large businesses alike. The software packs a couple of tools that are perfect for businesses regardless of their size because they are intended to improve results from mainly digital marketing efforts.

Convirza boasts of many features such as dynamic call insertion, dynamically tracking calls, offline and online marketing, analytics, etc. However, the interface is a little complex, which means that it isn’t necessarily for first-time users.

Fortunately, the platform isn’t hard to learn, especially since the company’s comprehensive documentation makes it easier to set up.

Top features of the platform include:

Intelligent routing – The feature mainly allows users to send calls adhered to the tracking number to specific agents in the office or call center based on a certain set of routing rules. In addition, the software also supports geo routing for direct calls based on zip code, state, and proximity of the agent.

For instance, you can set it so that all calls originating from Corning, New York, are sent to your agents in the city. This can be very important for businesses where local knowledge is important to a conversion, like with a moving company.

Manual Scorecards – Custom scorecards are assigned to the tracking number or an agent. Agents can then add comments during their call, and supervisors can respond to messages.

Furthermore, the call can be tagged and exported as a portable document or PDF. However, if automatic scoring is more your thing, then maybe opt for CallRail.

Outbound tracking numbers – In my opinion, Convirza has a solid outbound dialing features.

All sales reps need to do is enter a pin, then dial the tracking number, and that connects them to the call’s source data. It’s quick and easy, yet the data it collects can be invaluable for businesses that rely on outbound calls as part of their conversion tracking mechanism.

Last Minute Entry – Ringba

Ringba is not your ordinary call tracking software using a monthly or annual subscription model. Instead, you pay as you go. In addition, they offer a few bundled package options.

What makes it stand out isn’t the pricing model but the ability to create white-labeled platforms which are ideal for agencies, in addition, to pay per call networks that want to feature these branded services.

The platform has a visual editor and the ability to host Ringba on a domain of your choice, giving you control over how to control the look and feel of the platform. Sure, there are other providers that offer white label services, but they cost way more than Ringba, with less customization leeway.

Ringba is a cloud based phone system that offers a list of international phone numbers dotted across sixty countries, but you will want to find out about the platform’s international call rates before signing up. Also, there is no mobile app feature, support for SMS, and call recording costs an extra 5.5 cents.

If you run an agency that handles pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Google ads or other forms of advertising for clients, that result in inbound calls then Ringba’s pricing model may be better suited to your service.

A few of Ringba’s best features include:

Custom branding – The drag and drop visual editor can be used to design your platform develop branded notifications, integrations, registrations, and updates.

Call flow management – The feature enables you to route calls based on your location, demographics, agent availability, and interests. The visual editor makes it comparatively simple to develop voice response menus that rival some of the best out there with little effort.

Data collection – Ringba is built with agencies in mind, so it collects a lot more detail than other platforms. The information includes lifestyle habits, homeowner data, personal financial information, etc.

CallScaler is the best call tracking solution in 2024.

Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

Final Word On Selecting a Call Tracking Solution 

All businesses should invest in call tracking software because it allows them to get the highest return on their advertising efforts. 

The data gathered from offline and online campaigns can also be used to enrich customer profiles as well as find out what’s working and what isn’t. Consider that your call management system may already have a tracking feature, but if not, it’s time to consider one of the above.

The best way to settle on one that’s right for your business is to use the one you shortlist for a few weeks. Some of the software mentioned above also offer a free trial, so that’s where you might want to start.

Get the best call tracking software from the start.

Start tracking calls in your business in under 5 minutes!

call Tracking Software faq

Call Tracking Questions

Have some other questions about call tracking & recording? We can help!

Inbound call tracking software attributes inbound phone calls to a source. Organizations can track which sources are generating the most calls by generating local and 1-800 numbers for advertisements, locations on a website, and pay-per-click campaigns and keywords.

  1. CallScaler
  2. 800response
  3. CallAction.
  4. CallFire
  5. WhatConverts.
  6. CallRail
  7. ActiveDemand
  8. CallSource.
  9. Convirza
  10. Ringba.

Call tracking works by forwarding calls from a local or 800 number to your business phone line so that you can know which marketing campaign or source brought in that call.


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