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CallScaler Support

Before contacting support, please check the FAQ's below

Sometimes our peer provider runs out of stock for certain area codes. Unfortunately we won’t be able to acquire these numbers for you, but a way around this would be to buy numbers through a different provider and port your numbers to CallScaler.

Yes, you can block spam easily within CallScaler. You can manually block numbers which is free & we have an automated spam blocker that checks each number against a database of 1 million+ reported spam numbers before connecting. The automated spam blocker costs $0.005 per call.

We currently only offer numbers for US and Canada. We don’t have an ETA for providing numbers in countries other than those two.

Just shoot us a message below and we will cancel your subscription for you!

Please note that all numbers will be released from your account upon cancelation!

Calls only get recorded if both parties get connected on the phone. If the caller and the person being called aren’t connected, then a recording does not get initiated. 

It may say that a call is not recorded in our call log, but that just means that the call was not connected.

To enable call recording in general, go to your call flow and check the box on the right side of the screen that enables call recording.

We primarily use SignalWire API to connect your calls and messages as well as provide the sale of phone numbers for you. You can check to see certain if certain areas of the app are down here:

If you think the issue is not related to them, feel free to send us a support message below.

If you are on a paid account, you will pay a recurring fee (depending on which plan you choose) + usage to use our platform. 

For all usage billing (paying for phone numbers, minutes, etc), CallScaler uses an account balance system.

We start you off with a free $10 in your account balance, but you can add additional funds at any time.

For all pricing details, feel free to read our payment terms.

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