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How to port your phone numbers to CallScaler

Common Questions About Porting

This is completely dependent on your current provider. If there are no errors and all of the information you provide is correct, we typically schedule your port within 10 business days after you submit a port request.

Most of the time, yes. Once your port order gets approved, we will add the numbers to your account and you will typically get 1-4 days to configure the phone number in your CallScaler accounts so that calls will be routed correctly.

Nope! It’s free to port your numbers into CallScaler. There is, however, a $10 one-time fee to unlock your numbers to port out of CallScaler.

We only allow porting of numbers into paid accounts. You will need to activate your account before we can accept a port request from you.

Mostly it is information about your current provider along with a PIN to port the numbers over. You can view all of the porting requirements by looking at the Port Order Request Form.

For most providers, you will need to reach out to their support team and request a PIN to port your numbers away. 

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