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Best Call Tracking Tool with Client Management

Enhance your business operations with CallScaler's client management portal. Effortlessly manage your clients, and provide them with direct access to their calls, texts, and voicemails - all through a seamless, user-friendly interface.

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CallScaler’s Client Portal Feature

CallScaler’s client portal feature is a game-changer in client management. It’s a powerful tool that not only gives your clients access to their specific communication details but also facilitates a range of functionalities to improve their experience.

With each client having their unique sub-user login, they can independently view and manage their calls, texts, and voicemails tied to their numbers.

Use Cases

Real-time Access to Call Recordings

Each client has the ability to access and listen to their call recordings at any time. This real-time access can significantly aid in resolving disputes, understanding customer concerns, and improving service quality based on feedback.

Improved Client Trust & Transparency

With each client having a dedicated sub-user login, they can directly view their communication data. This not only builds trust and transparency but also minimizes the need for constant updates and check-ins.

Self-service and Convenience

The CallScaler client portal allows clients to service their needs at their own convenience. Whether they need to review a call recording or check a voicemail, they can do it independently, without having to wait for assistance.

Simplified Client Management

The CallScaler client portal takes a lot of the admin work out of your hands. With clients being able to access their communication data, your time and energy can be refocused on providing quality service instead of managing routine tasks.

“See What They See” functionality

From your own account, you can also automatically log into your clients account (without needing their password) so you can see what they would see as a client. This gives you the comfort and security of knowing what it looks like from a client’s side.

An Easy Way to Manage Clients

The client portal offers a two-tiered approach to client management: one, it simplifies your client management tasks, and two, it provides an exceptional experience to your clients. 

You can easily add clients to your account, assign them a sub-user login, and let CallScaler take care of the rest. Clients can then log in and view their communication data, which gives them a feeling of being directly involved in the process.

A Superior Experience for Your Clients

Every client enjoys transparency and direct access to their data. By providing your clients with their sub-user logins, you make them feel valued, respected, and heard. CallScaler’s client portal feature aids in developing a strong client relationship, thereby boosting client satisfaction and loyalty.


In an age where client experience is paramount, CallScaler’s client portal feature is your ultimate tool to keep your clients satisfied while simplifying your management tasks. 

It’s a win-win situation where your clients enjoy an enhanced experience, and you enjoy an improved efficiency. Leverage CallScaler’s client portal for a truly streamlined and transparent client management experience.

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