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Call Tracking Software Affiliate Program

Earn 20% recurring commissions with the CallScaler affiliate program!

Here are the affiliate program details


How does the affiliate link work?

Once you sign up, you get a custom link and it will redirect to this page:

We use a last cookie system and cookies will expire after 60 days.

You will need to request a payout and we will pay via PayPal.

Commissions are rewarded 30 days after the referred customer has paid.

The minimum threshold for payouts is $150.

You cannot take out search ads using “CallScaler” branding.

Self-referral is also not permitted. The aim of the program is to incentivize you to refer others. This is not a method of obtaining a discount on your own account.


Watch a demo of CallScaler & get $25 in free account credit

Included in CallScaler: