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How To Add Click To Call HTML Code To Your Website

Using the HTML code on this page you can easily add a click to call button to your site.


Many people assume that setting up a click-to-call button on their website is difficult to do. When you have high volumes of visitors to a website, it is more than imperative that you be contactable over the phone. The simplest and most effective way of doing this is to insert what’s called a ‘click-to-add’ button or in other words, make your phone number clickable on the website’s landing page(s).

Click-to-call buttons are as they sound, i.e., you need to click, and that leads to a call to your agent or customer service person. In other words, the phone number is available via a clickable link or button. Click-to-call mainly works for desktop and mobile users, making it a lot easier for them to contact the business directly via their mobile devices. In fact, it means reducing a great deal of friction between the lead and them potentially contacting your business.

Making it quicker and easier for anyone to get in touch with your business helps increase the number of calls to your sales agents, which increases its conversions. In an age where consumers are filling out a form and then waiting for a call back from the company, a clickable phone number can reduce the chase to a great degree. Furthermore, adding a button isn’t all that hard either; just about anyone can do it, as we’ll examine later in this article.

We’ll go into and explore how to add click-to-call buttons on any website using HTML.

How To Add A click-to-call link / Button On A Website Using HTML?

Now, this may surprise many readers but adding a click-to-call button to a website using HTML isn’t all that hard. All you need is to carry out the following steps:

Edit your HTML code – Doing this will mainly depend on how your website is designed. Since most websites are built on WordPress these days, we’ll start with that as an example. Just head over to the platform’s Gutenberg Block Editor, click on the ellipses (…) in the toolbar, and choose ‘Edit HTML.’ Doing this will take you to the HTML editor.

If you are using Shopify instead of WordPress, you will need to go to the ‘online store’, click on ‘templates’, and go to ‘actions’ and ‘edit code.’ After the changes have been made, click on ‘save.’

If you happen to be using Squarespace, another popular platform, you will need to start by going to ‘Code Block.’ Once you start editing a page or post, then click an insertion point, and click on ‘code’ from the menu. This will then take you to the system’s built-in HTML editor. If anything, you’ll see some intimidating code, which tells you, you are on the right page.

Step 2: Enter the standard link tag, which puts the click-to-call button where you want to see it. Simply paste this code into the page:

<a href=""></a> 

Step 3: Enter your company’s phone number. Make sure that you enter your phone number minus the dashes and country code. Here is how you should enter the number:

<a href="8665562570"></a> 

Step 4: Make sure to add tel: directly into the start of the number like this:

<a href="tel:8665562570"></a> 

Step 5 & Final Code: To finish this off, you will need to add a call to action message with the anchor text like this: 

<a href="tel:8665562570">Call us at 866-556-2570</a> 

It should show like this: Call us at 866-556-2570

This is the 5-step process that allows you to add a number of click-to-call buttons to the website.

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The Benefits of Adding A Click-to-call Button

Click-to-call functionality isn’t only nice to have, but it is a must-have for just about every business. Adding a click-to-call function will almost always transform your customer’s experience for the better. It will also ensure that your marketing efforts improve, which will ultimately mean that you drive more sales.

You can also add multiple phone numbers along with a phone icon that identifies these numbers as clickable.

The 5 Primary Benefits of Click To Call Buttons

If you are sort of on the fence about adding a click-to-call button, here are a couple of reasons to consider it.

They Make Your Life Easier

It only takes a single click for consumers to reach a human being on the other end of the line. Most businesses have an automated que/answering service, where the call will be lined up for an agent. If an agent is not available because the call was made when the business isn’t operating, it can go to voicemail. In other words, the lead is gathered, and a sales agent can call back to close a potential sale. Some businesses will set up automated responses to primarily keep sponsors looped in.

However, phone calls should always be the primary focus of your customer service and marketing campaigns. Consider the fact that over 77% of potential customers, aka most probably your customers, believe that the quickest and most effective way to get the answers they want is to call. Almost nobody goes through the FAQs on your website to find missing information or reads the entire landing page; that’s what makes that little call button such an important addition. Furthermore, it is a lot easier to use click to dial for a user compared to finding and punching in telephone numbers to call the company.

Leads To More Phone Calls

Adding a click-to-call button is a way to encourage your prospects to call the company. The result is getting more inbound calls, obviously! But it also means that you’re collecting more leads since many potential clients choose to call.

Sure, how many leads are generated and consequently the increase sales will depend on the company, industry, etc.; some estimates suggest it could be over 200%. Adding a click-to-call widget on the website makes people 88% more likely to call the company.

Consider the fact that most people would rather call than fill in an online form. Sure, some people will fill in an online form to get a free eBook or membership, but if there is nothing being offered, there is no incentive. That’s where having that click-to-call button comes in.

Helps To Increase Conversions

Yes, this is a pretty obvious fact because more people will feel that they are dealing with a genuine company, not another face on the internet. The more calls you can field and the more inquiries your business can answer, the more people will convert. If anything, calls help to move leads quickly through the sales funnel. That’s why having more prospects encouraged to call with just one click is the single best thing you can do.

It is a known fact that conversions over the phone increase 10x times than those from just clicks. First-timers landing on your website will not buy unless there is a way to speak to someone.

It is estimated that around 61% of mobile users will call a business when they are ready to purchase, or there is maybe a question they want to be answered before buying. Many prospects also understand that making it easier for them (leads) to get a hold of someone will also mean that the company can be trusted to provide the same level of customer support. For instance, if you’re selling clothing, and something they (your customers) ordered wasn’t quite right, someone from your company will honor the return policy.

An excellent customer service experience will always often translate to word-of-mouth leads, which can be a potential goldmine for any business.

Helps Supercharge Your Digital Marketing ROI

Just about every marketer in the world wants to improve their ROI. Getting to that comparatively lowest Return On Investment (ROI) is easier said than done. Reducing your spend per thousand impressions or per click all boils down to how well your offer is placed, and the experience people have had with the brand.

The click-to-call functionality is one of the best ways for marketers to increase their digital marketing ROI in a big way. It can be increased by almost 143% in some cases. While it is largely industry-dependent, having the button can, in fact, have a pretty significant effect. Considering how easy it is to do, you might as well add the button to every landing page for starters.

Improves The Customer’s Experience

One of the things that sets a successful business apart from one that struggles isn’t just winning new clients or getting new customers. Running a successful business is all about retaining clients and customers. In the case of customers, it is making sure that they are so satisfied that they continue to come back for more. The same goes for businesses that need to onboard clients.

Click-to-call buttons make it easier for customers to call an agent working for your company if they are having a problem. Since 93% of customers are likely to be repeat business for your company, provided that they have a great experience adding the click-to-call functionality is key to customer satisfaction which leads to retention.

Consider the fact that 90% of businesses compete mainly on customer experience; that’s why there should be a way to set yourself apart from all the competing companies.

Click-to-Call Buttons Give Your Business An Edge

It is important to consider that a click-to-call button isn’t just like having a nifty feature. The button will help your business bring in more calls, making the lives of your customers and prospects much easier. Furthermore, they improve your ROI across all digital marketing platforms, which is something every business tries to focus on, and for a good reason.

Click-to-call functionality can be further turbocharged by using call tracking to leverage the power of data-driven insights simultaneously and fine-tune your marketing strategy moving forward. It goes without saying that the more data you can collect for each call, like what marketing efforts triggered it, the easier it becomes to improve your ROI.

As you can see, adding a click-to-call button isn’t all that challenging. Just about anyone can do it regardless of the platform, they are using. However, if you can’t do it, a few people working for you may have the technical skills needed to pull it off. After all, it does not require even understanding basic HTML to do.


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