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Area Codes Available: 276 434 540 571 703 757 804

Main Locations Covered: Virginia Beach, VA along with other cities like Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, and Arlington

Virginia Population: 8,517,685

Hardware Required: None! It is a software based solution that can forward to your normal number while keeping it as a completely separate number.

Trial: 7 Day trial for just $7. If you like it you can continue on a monthly plan.

Features: Call tracking, call recording, call flows, voicemail setup, call & sms forwarding, missed call texts, and much more! It’s all easy with CallScaler.

All the features you need in a call platform.

What are the benefits of getting a separate Virginia phone number?

Using a new local phone number for your business or personal life has numerous benefits. For starters, it allows you to keep your personal phone number private and separate from your business communications. This is especially useful if you receive a lot of calls from potential clients and customers, as it offers greater privacy.

Professional Image

Whether you live in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, a Virginia phone number can help project a professional image for your local business. When potential customers or clients call on your business number, they are more likely to get the impression that your business is professional and established.

Advertising Purposes

You can also use your business number for advertising purposes, which can help build your customer base. You can use this separate phone number in a way that allows you to better manage your business calls. 

You can use the local number to set up voicemail or an automated system to filter calls and direct them to the appropriate person. This makes it easier to keep track of inbound calls from customers and can even help you to streamline your business operations.

Saves Money

Finally, having a separate phone number for your business can help to save you money in the long run. Instead of having to pay for multiple phone lines, you can have all of your business calls routed to a single number.

This can help to reduce costs and make it easier to track and manage your business communications.

Overall, having a separate US phone number for your business in Virginia can help to make your business more professional, organized, and cost-effective.

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