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Port your numbers to CallScaler

Porting can take anywhere between 2-10 days. We will be in contact with you to set up your call flows before numbers are ported to avoid any downtime.

We suggest asking your current provider for your port out details (with PIN) before filling out this form.

Start the porting process

Current Service Provider Details

Phone Service Address

Not necessarily the same as your billing address. We require the location where the phone calls take place on file with the current operating network. If you have doubts about the location the operating network has on file, please request a customer service record (CSR). Only one service address is allowed per port request (if you have multiple locations, please submit multiple request).

Last step!

You will need to get a PIN number from your current service provider in order to complete a port request. It is not always available in the dashboard of your account, so you may need to reach out to their support team.