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SMS Registration

Want to send & receive texts within CallScaler? You will need to follow the registration guidelines on this page first.

New Compliance Rules for Text Messaging

Effective from September 1, 2023, new rules for text messaging (10DLC A2P) require registration and approval for all businesses using 10-digit local phone numbers for outbound text messages. This includes replies to inbound messages and automated text responses. For detailed requirements, best practices, and a registration checklist, visit our Help Center.

Register Your Business

Complete the form below to start your registration application. The verification process with our partners and mobile carriers can take up to 30 days. You’ll receive email updates from CallScaler about your registration status and access to text messaging features upon full verification and approval. For queries, contact CallScaler Support.

Who can register?

You must have an active, paid account with CallScaler in order to register for text messaging. Text messaging is not allowed on trial accounts.

Terms, Fees, & Usage Conditions

By submitting this form, you agree to pay associated one-time registration fees and monthly compliance fees as detailed below. Fees will be included on your CallScaler bill. Non-compliance may result in fines and you will be responsible for any violation fees.

Registration Requirements

To register, provide:

  • Basic Information: Name, email, CallScaler email address.
  • Business Information: Legal name, address, identifier (EIN or CBN).
  • Business Website: Must be a standalone site or an official social media page.
  • Consent Requirements: Procedures for obtaining consent for text messaging.
  • Online Opt-In Consent: Explicit consent statement on your website.
  • Opt-In Keywords and Message: Keywords for opt-in and a standard auto-reply message confirming opt-in.
  • Additional Information: Operation regions, business type, industry, company status, and campaign descriptions.

Upon submission, CallScaler will verify the information and complete the registration process with TCR. 

Fee Structure

Fee DescriptionAmountFrequency
Campaign Verification Fee$15.00One-time
Brand Application Fee$4.00One-time
Mixed-use Campaign Fee – Low Volume (<2000 texts/day)$1.50Monthly
Enhanced Vetting Fee (High Volume Organizations)$40.00One-time
Mixed-use Campaign Fee – High Volume$10.00Monthly

Note: Submitting the registration form initiates the process but does not guarantee approval.


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