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Call tracking software for pest control companies

Supercharge your revenue and know exactly which marketing campaigns make your phone ring.

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Do you know what marketing efforts are generating calls?

With CallScaler, you can finally answer the "how did you hear about us?" question for all of your customers automatically.

How call tracking works 👇

Say goodbye to the days when you blindly picked up your ringing phone, wondering how your new customer found out about your business—call tracking can reveal what marketing campaign brought in that caller so that you aren’t in the dark.

With CallScaler, you can buy phone numbers for every marketing campaign that you are running to see which one gets the most phone calls.

Let’s run through a quick example:

Say you want to test two different door hanger designs…

  1. Doorhanger #1 has a promotion for 15% off if the customer calls about pest control services in the next 14 days.
  2. Doorhanger #2 has a “free consultation” offer at no cost to the customer

Now, how do you actually test which one brings in more calls?

The best way would be to buy two phone numbers on CallScaler to test which door hanger is actually generating more calls for your business. 

(FYI: Each number only costs 20-80 cents so it isn’t cost-prohibitive at all to test out new ideas)

Once the calls start rolling in, you find out that Doorhanger #2 connects better with prospects and brings in 4x more calls than the other.

So now you have actionable data:

  • Doorhanger #1 doesn’t work that well.
  • Doorhanger #2 is crushing it.

If you weren’t using call tracking, you would have no idea which doorhanger was bringing in more calls.

You could be using Doorhanger #1 for months or even years without ever realizing how many customers you were losing by not using Doorhanger #2

Call tracking helps you understand exactly which marketing campaigns work so you can easily 2x your sales.


You can do the same sort of tests when experimenting with Google ads, Facebook ads, Craigslist, and any marketing ideas in general.

Think about how quickly you can test different marketing campaigns and immediately see actionable results. 

Imagine how easy it would be to find a killer marketing campaign that keeps your phone ringing all day with new customers…

Call tracking is the ultimate way to see which marketing campaigns bring calls into your business and what messages connect with your customers.

It’s time to finally take marketing seriously and grow your business faster than ever.

Ready to get your first call tracking number?

Try CallScaler by just paying $7 for a 7 day risk-free trial.​

"I love how CallScaler can auto-text new clients if I miss their call. It keeps them from just calling someone else."
george matteo - all star pest control
George Matteo
Owner of Matteo Pest

What can you do with callscaler?

All the features you need in call tracking.

Call tracking
Track your marketing campaigns efficiently with the most affordable rates in the industry (20-80 cents per number)
Call flows
Call flows allow you to route calls in your business. Start with a greeting, forward calls, send automated texts, and more!
Call recording
Record calls, listen back, & download the mp3 to share with others.
SMS forwarding
Forward inbound text messages to any number.
Call whisper
Give each call more context before calls are connected.
Reporting & analytics
See the details that matter in your calls from a high level view right from your dashboard.
Press 1 To Connect
Filter out robot spam calls by requiring the caller to press 1 in order to connect the call.
Send calls direct to voicemail or after a certain duration of ringing.
Custom Greetings
Use text-to-speech or upload an mp3 as a greeting.
Port numbers in
Transfer your numbers from your current provider to us!
Spam blocking
Block calls from spam & robot numbers.
Voicemail Notifications
Send a SMS with the recording of the voicemail to any number.
Missed Call Notifications
Send a SMS to any number notifying them that there was a missed call.
Automatically send reports via email to your team or client.
Email Call Details
Send an email to multiple recipients with call details & recording link directly after a call is completed.

Watch a demo of CallScaler & get $25 in free account credit

Included in CallScaler: