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The only call tracking platform with lifetime membership.

Track and attribute calls in your agency or local business with CallScaler.

Why choose CallScaler?

Call tracking

Track 100's or even 1000's of numbers

Call flows

Simply forward calls or route them with call flows

Call recording

Record calls and listen back to them later

Client portal

Give clients their own account to view calls & recordings

Call dashboard

See historical info about calls in one clean view

Call whisper

Give each call more context before calls are connected

Spam blocking

No more robo-calls with multiple spam blocking features

Email reports

Automatically send email reports on a schedule

Call greetings

Upload a greeting to play before a call

Round robin

Route calls sequentially each new call


Call multiple numbers at once and first one to answer gets it

Dynamic insertion

See the original source of each caller (coming soon)

Pay per call

Automatically charge your clients for calls over X seconds

SMS forwarding

Forward text messages easily

Missed call SMS

Follow up quickly with leads who missed a call

Press 1 to connect

Block robot callers by asking the caller to press 1

product walkthrough

Learn the benefits of CallScaler now 👇

Robert M.
Robert M.
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3+ years of great service

Been with CallScaler for years. Excellent service and support. Highly recommend
Allie Forsyth
Allie Forsyth
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100% worth it

I am critical of the software I try out. Sometimes you get duds; other times, you get some gems. This is a GEM! For my use case, it is perfect. I had a number that was rarely used but is needed for the company.
George Mateo
George Mateo
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Perfect CallRail Alternative

CallScaler is an ideal pivot from a long time CallRail user. I highly recommend it!
Mo Sharma
Mo Sharma
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Very promising Phone Wagon replacement

I previously purchased a similar tool and it had a rough ending when it got acquired. CallScaler seems like a better replacement though. It's simple & super easy to setup. Can't wait to ride it out with you guys and see what CallScaler evolves into in the future.

Limited time offer ✨

Get $100 in free credit with your purchase!

Limited time offer: Get $100 in free credit with your purchase!

Lifetime pricing

Get lifetime access + usage pricing that lets you scale effectively

Lifetime access


One time payment
+ $100 in FREE usage credit (expires soon)

Get a lifetime membership & only pay for usage

Local phone numbers $1.95 / mo

Toll-free numbers $3.95 / mo

Local minutes $0.035 / min

Toll-free minutes $0.045 / min

Call recording FREE


Custom Plan

Power your call business with CallScaler

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll love CallScaler and never want to switch to a different call tracking provider, however if for whatever reason you're not satisfied in your first 14 days, you can get a refund no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

CallScaler currently only offers numbers in US & Canada. We hope to offer more countries soon, but we do not have a timeline on that.

That being said, our numbers can contact and be contacted by numbers outside of the US & Canada.

You do not have to be a US or Canadian resident to sign up for our services.

Yes, with the lifetime deal you can add users to your account for $6/mo/user. This gets billed to your balance.

Some of our existing customers have requested unlimited users and we’ve worked out custom deals with them.

If you think you’ll be adding lots of users to your account feel free to reach out to us and we can work with you to find a fair price for that.

Yes! We offer discounted rates for high volume businesses and discounts for committed use of the CallScaler platform. Please reach out to us to discuss lower rates if you are a high volume business.

All addons are available to you as a lifetime deal user.

Free Addons:

  • Client login portal
  • Automatic email reports
  • Spam blocking

We also have paid addons. These get billed to your account balance:

  • Google Sheets Integration ($10/mo)
  • Call Transcription ($0.025 per 15 seconds)
  • Pay Per Call Invoicing (4% invoice fee)
  • Extra caller details ($0.015/call)

These are the same addons with the same pricing from our monthly/yearly plans, so we don’t lock you out of access to anything just because you bought the lifetime deal.

We love our lifetime deal as a way to acquire new users as it is a win-win for both you and us. 

You get lifetime access to our platform and we get a long-term committed user.

By offering a lifetime deal, we collect a chunk of money up front and can in-return offer you lower usage fees than other companies so that you stay around for a longer period of time.  It’s a win-win!

Nope! Most competitors charge for this, but at CallScaler it is completely free.

You can port your numbers into CallScaler at no cost. 

When you port a number in, you will start paying usage pricing through CallScaler (including the monthly phone number cost).

Porting out of CallScaler is $10/number. If you have a large quantity of numbers you’d like to port out we may be able to offer a discount on a case-by-case basis.

Porting in typically takes 3-10 days depending on your carrier

Call tracking LIFETIME DEAL

All the features you need in a call tracking platform.

👆 Watch the CallScaler walkthrough video!


Watch a demo of CallScaler & get $25 in free account credit

Included in CallScaler: