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Using call tracking for rank and rent, lead gen sites, or clients?

Chances are you're paying more for phone numbers than you need to...

But you don't have to anymore.

Welcome to CallScaler

Call tracking built to scale with you - not against you.

The best phone number pricing on the internet, guaranteed.

Why choose CallScaler?

With CallScaler, you can experiment with marketing ideas without experiencing massive phone costs.

6x cheaper phone numbers

Only pay $0.50 / number instead of $3.00+ charged by competitors.

Top rated for ease of use

You'll find it easy to use CallScaler without feeling like you need to read a manual.

Excellent for managing clients

Give clients their own login and even charge them on a pay per call basis.

Who should choose CallScaler?

CallScaler is great for all types of businesses that use call tracking to route & record calls.

Lead generation businesses

Scaling your lead-gen business is more affordable long-term with CallScaler.

Marketing & SEO agencies

CallScaler is great for your managing & invoicing your clients for calls.

High volume businesses

If you plan for high volume, CallScaler is the most cost effective long-term.

Local businesses

Test more marketing strategies without worrying about scaling costs.

One-time offer

Want to try it?

On this ad only, you can claim an extended free trial + $50 in FREE account credit.


Calls can be routed or forwarded in a variety of ways using our call flows feature.

In your call flows, you can:

  • Record calls
  • Add call whispers
  • Do round robin calling
  • Forward calls
  • Add greetings & voicemails
  • Multi-ring calls
  • Add automations like missed call messages & emails
  • Block spam calls
  • and much more!

Handle everything with inbound calls from your call flows!

You can give clients their own login to view calls & texts within their own account.

You can choose to give them full access or just viewing access.

You can also charge clients with our brand new PAY PER CALL feature!

You can charge clients on a “pay per call” basis for qualified inbound calls automatically via Stripe.

You can set a qualified call to be based on duration (i.e. charge $20 for calls over 120 seconds).

After setup, it will send automatic payable invoices to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis via Stripe and allow you to charge your clients strictly on performance!

We are constantly adding new add-ons & features based on customer feedback. 

Other great features included:

  • Outbound calling
  • SMS forwarding
  • Dynamic number insertion (in beta)
  • Call transcriptions
  • Google Sheets integration

Normally, we give 7 day trials on our pricing page, but on this ad only, you get an extended 14 day free trial PLUS $50 in free starting credit.

It’s zero risk & free to start, but if you want to continue on after your trial, CallScaler only costs $47/month + usage. 

As for usage pricing, this is the pricing that you get with this one-time offer:

Free starting balance $50 Free
Local numbers $0.50 / month
Toll-free numbers $3.00 / month
Local minutes $0.05 / minute
Toll-free minutes $0.06 / minute
SMS messages $0.02 / sms
Call recording $0.01 / min
If you’re planning on high volume, feel free to upgrade your account for cheaper per-minute pricing.

This offer may be gone tomorrow.

If you want to claim your extended free trial + $50 in free account credit, now is the time to do it!