Get Excited - A Bigger, Badder callscaler is coming! 🎉

Coming Soon: CallScaler Version 2

After almost a year of building, we are excited to announce that a new version of CallScaler is coming with more of a focus on client management & billing.


Hey guys, my name is Curran. Many of you I’ve talked to through support messages or random encounters on Facebook groups.

I started CallScaler as a side project back almost 3 years ago with barely any budget hoping to piece together a call tracking software that me and a few clients could use.

From there, we’ve grown a lot, added two developers, and along the way even got accepted into a startup accelerator.

When we were building the MVP, I purposefully made it simple with the bare minimum features so we could get something out, but unfortunately building it that way caused a lot of problems (software gets bugs? who knew). 

And hence… the version 2.

We knew rebuilding would be a trek, but thank god for my lead developer Adnan, he has really taken this new version to the next level. 

It’s going to be quite a lot faster, more user friendly, and ultimately help you manage your call tracking, your clients, and all your calls in a much easier way. 


Ah okay… new features. We’re excited about these.

To be honest, a lot of this version 2 was just rebuilding things that we already built on the first version better, but in terms of new features, we are adding a few right from the get go.

To start, we’re adding the most highly requested feature since we started building this thing: client management.

New Feature: Client & Affiliate Management

You’ll be able to add clients and affiliates into your account, select which numbers you want to let them see, let them view call logs and listen to recordings… all that jazz.

We are also building a way to actually bill your clients directly through the app, but this will not be available right upon release of version 2.

New Feature: Better Dashboard

Next, we have rebuilt the dashboard. Screenshots are to come with this if you sign up for the waitlist. Essentially, it will give you a snapshot of how many calls have come in the past day, 7 days, and 30 days for all numbers or specific numbers. 

We also made some changes to the charts to help you easily view how many calls are coming in and minutes/day.

New Feature: Addon Marketplace

Last new feature will be the addons marketplace. This will include free and paid addons & integrations to CallScaler. 

None of these addons will be available at launch, but they are what we are going to be building next:

That’s it on new features!

Account Migrations

If you’re an existing user, we will do a white-glove migration for you to the new app, although this will most likely cause you to lose your existing call data. 

We’re building a way for you to migrate accounts and call flows, but this will not be available right at release unfortunately.

If you’re a new user and reading this memo, I definitely recommend signing up for the waitlist – we will be giving away $50 in account credit to new users during the launch period, so it will be worth it to sign up for that waitlist!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! 

Appreciate you and have a great day

Curran Van Waarde
CallScaler Founder

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