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Call tracking software for travel companies.

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call tracking for travel companies

Do you know what marketing efforts are generating calls?

With CallScaler, you can finally answer the "how did you hear about us?" question for all of your customers automatically.

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Jeremy F.
BC Capital

What can you do with callscaler?

Run a better travel website with call tracking.

Call tracking
Track your marketing campaigns efficiently with the most affordable rates in the industry (starting at $0.45/number)
Call flows
Call flows allow you to route calls in your business. Start with a greeting, forward calls, send automated texts, and more!
Call recording
Record calls, listen back, & download the mp3 to share with others.
SMS forwarding
Forward inbound text messages to any number.
Call whisper
Give each call more context before calls are connected.

Spend less time worrying about usage costs. tracking attribution.  creating reports.

CallScaler saves you both time and money with call tracking. See how by creating an account now!

Risk-free for 14 days!
Reporting & analytics
See the details that matter in your calls from a high level view right from your dashboard.
Press 1 To Connect
Filter out robot spam calls by requiring the caller to press 1 in order to connect the call.
Send calls direct to voicemail or after a certain duration of ringing.
Custom Greetings
Use text-to-speech or upload an mp3 as a greeting.
Port numbers in
Transfer your numbers from your current provider to us!
Spam blocking
Block calls from spam & robot numbers.
Voicemail Notifications
Send a SMS with the recording of the voicemail to any number.
Missed Call Notifications
Send a SMS to any number notifying them that there was a missed call.
Automatically send reports via email to your team or client.
Email Call Details
Send an email to multiple recipients with call details & recording link directly after a call is completed.

How call tracking numbers work for travel companies 👇

Call tracking is a tool that enables you to monitor the number of calls you have received from potential travelers and their duration.

This coupled with other data such as the time travelers spend on your website, what they click on and how much they are willing to spend makes call tracking one of the best tools you can use for improving conversion rates and seeing which offers your audience resonates with best.

There are many benefits of using call tracking for travel companies which include; increasing conversions, reducing cost per lead, identifying high-value leads and finally closing more deals with greater margins.

In this article, we will explore these benefits further and how you can implement call tracking into your business if you do not have it yet.

Increase Conversions

Call tracking allows you to monitor the number of calls received and their duration. This is a powerful tool for increasing conversions.

The more information you have about your potential customers, the better you can tailor your marketing. For example, if a call lasts for 30 seconds with no sales made, then the call may be from someone who is not ready to buy.

If the call lasts 1 minute but is from someone who is ready to make a purchase, they are more likely to convert than someone who spends 5 minutes on the phone and doesn’t buy anything.

With call tracking, you can see how long each phone call lasts and what actions that caller took during that time frame; this information will help you make sure that potential leads are actually converting into customers.

Reduce cost per lead

One of the main benefits of call tracking is the reduction in cost per lead. By using call tracking, you will be able to see which leads are most valuable and where your conversion rates can be improved.

You will also be able to see if there is a certain time of day, or certain days of the week where your conversions are off. This means that you are able to take this data and use it as a guide for improving your website or other marketing campaigns.

Call tracking provides you with insight into how often prospects call your business and what they do on their phone while they are on hold. From this information, you can identify high-value leads by looking at who calls more than once, who calls over 10 minutes, or who calls between 9 am-7 pm.

When these three groups of people make up a large percentage of all calls, you know that they have potential to become regular customers and should be prioritized accordingly.

Identify high-value leads

Call tracking may not be a requirement for every travel company, but it is essential in some industries where there may be low response rates or where respondents may only give limited information through phone calls.

Other industries will benefit more from using call tracking as a lead generation tool rather than an increase in conversion rate. Call tracking data can help you identify high-value leads.

For example, if your brand has a particular type of traveler that you can identify through their call duration and type of questions asked, you know that person would be more likely to buy from you.

This means you can use this information to target people who are more likely to purchase from your company without spending money on other marketing initiatives like advertising. This will help reduce cost per lead and increase conversions while still doing well with your budget.

Close more deals with greater margins

Call tracking enables you to increase conversion rates and close more deals with higher margins. It is important for travel companies to be able to identify high-quality leads as these are the people who are most likely to book through your website.

This is due to the fact that they have already decided their next travel destination and are ready to spend their money.

By looking at call tracking data, you can identify which customers you need to follow up with more often or which calls need a warmer welcome. Call tracking will also help your business identify which customers are not interested in booking with your company, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts elsewhere.

Making this decision based on call data can allow you to close more deals and make better margins while spending less time chasing low-value leads.

Identify opportunities to improve

Call tracking enables you to monitor the number of calls you have received from potential travelers and their duration.

This coupled with other data such as the time travelers spend on your website, what they click on and how much they are willing to spend makes call tracking one of the best tools you can use for improving conversion rates.

Call tracking allows you to identify opportunities for improvement because it gives you valuable insight into which pages/services your website visitors tend to engage with and which ones they don’t.

This helps give you a better understanding of where your customers prefer to be contacted and provides an opportunity for more efficient marketing campaigns.

In order to improve your conversion rate, it’s important that you are able to measure this data accurately with professional call tracking software like CallScaler.

What you need to track calls for travel companies

To track calls for travel companies, the most important thing to ensure is that you have enough capacity to handle the volume of calls. The downside of not having enough capacity is that your phone lines may become saturated and cause a decline in conversion rates.

If you are not sure what type of call tracking solution you need, there are some key features to look out for when calculating your needs.

Features such as:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Whisper
  • Call Analytics
  • Affordable Phone Numbers
  • Adding additional users or agents
  • Efficient Call Routing

Conclusion: implement call tracking today for your travel company

Before implementing call tracking, you should identify the goals of the tool. Your business goals may vary but it is important to keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with the tool.

For example, if you want to increase conversions then you might use call tracking as a lead generation tool rather than a support tool.

If you want to increase cost per lead then call tracking could be used as part of a larger marketing campaign or simply as a standalone tool.

If lowering the cost per lead is your goal, then it is important that your company has employees who have training and experience in PPC advertising or SEO so they can maximize the effectiveness of the call tracking tool and give feedback on subsequent campaigns.

Other business goals could include identifying high-value leads, increasing deal sizes, reducing the time to close deals, and closing more deals with greater margins… all of which call tracking can help!

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