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Call tracking software for roofing companies.

Buy call tracking numbers and know exactly which marketing campaigns make your phone ring.

call tracking for roofers

Do you know what marketing efforts are generating calls?

With CallScaler, you can finally answer the "how did you hear about us?" question for all of your customers automatically.

"Our roofing business is seeing a huge ROI from using CallScaler. It was easy set up for routing and recording calls and we can finally see analytics on which marketing campaigns are performing best."
Jeremy F.
BC Capital

What can you do with callscaler?

Run a better roofing business with call tracking.

Call tracking
Track your marketing campaigns efficiently with the most affordable rates in the industry (starting at $0.45/number)
Call flows
Call flows allow you to route calls in your business. Start with a greeting, forward calls, send automated texts, and more!
Call recording
Record calls, listen back, & download the mp3 to share with others.
SMS forwarding
Forward inbound text messages to any number.
Call whisper
Give each call more context before calls are connected.

Spend less time worrying about usage costs. tracking attribution.  creating reports.

CallScaler saves you both time and money with call tracking. See how by creating an account now!

Risk-free for 14 days!
Reporting & analytics
See the details that matter in your calls from a high level view right from your dashboard.
Press 1 To Connect
Filter out robot spam calls by requiring the caller to press 1 in order to connect the call.
Send calls direct to voicemail or after a certain duration of ringing.
Custom Greetings
Use text-to-speech or upload an mp3 as a greeting.
Port numbers in
Transfer your numbers from your current provider to us!
Spam blocking
Block calls from spam & robot numbers.
Voicemail Notifications
Send a SMS with the recording of the voicemail to any number.
Missed Call Notifications
Send a SMS to any number notifying them that there was a missed call.
Automatically send reports via email to your team or client.
Email Call Details
Send an email to multiple recipients with call details & recording link directly after a call is completed.

How call tracking numbers work for roofing companies 👇

The roofing industry is a competitive one. Call after call, vendor after vendor, and customer after customer vies for the opportunity to win your business.

That’s why it’s so important for roofing companies to be able to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and figure out which calls are yielding the greatest results.

After all, your phone service is only as good as the leads you’re getting on it.

Using call tracking software can help you identify what types of calls are more likely to yield sales than others, allowing you to spend your marketing budget more effectively in order to grow your business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a type of software that helps businesses track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by identifying all calls on their phone system.

Call tracking software analyzes call data and then generates reports that show sales information, such as which calls are more likely to yield sales than others.

The benefits of using call tracking for roofing companies include:

  • Discovering what types of calls are more likely to yield sales and which are not
  • Knowing which areas of the business need improvement
  • Creating custom reports to easily compare different areas against each other

Know the facts about who is calling your business

When you invest in call tracking software for your roofing company, it’s important to know exactly who is calling.

Don’t just include all of your leads and customers in the software. Instead, track the calls from your leads and those who have already called your business.

This will help you determine which leads are more likely to be profitable than others, ensuring that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Use call tracking to grow your sales pipeline

One of the most common reasons businesses turn to call tracking software is because they want to be able to identify which calls are most likely to lead to a sale.

With this information, companies can then decide where they should allocate their time and marketing budget in order to get the best results.

If you’re using call tracking software like CallScaler, it gives you insight into what types of calls bring in the most revenue for your business.

CallScaler is an excellent solution for roofing companies that are looking for a way to track their marketing campaigns and figure out which calls yield the best results.

Track what happens after you answer a call

When you answer a call, a call tracking service starts recording and sends that information to your company’s account.

From there, the software will record the time of the call, what was said during the conversation, how long it lasted, who called, and more. You can also use this to track who is calling for your company as well as what products or services your customers are asking about.

This allows you to see which calls are yielding results and which ones aren’t. It helps you identify what segments of your leads are worth pursuing in order to get closer to your goals.

This type of data helps roofing companies identify where they need to do a better job of marketing their company as well as strengthening their brand image.

Look for ways to improve your marketing game

Call tracking software can help you identify what types of marketing calls are more likely to yield sales than others. This allows you to spend your marketing budget more effectively in order to grow your business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Call tracking software also lets you see which calls are most likely to result in a sale, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while also providing invaluable insights that will help you improve them.

As if this weren’t enough, call tracking software provides insight into how long it takes each type of call to produce a lead, meaning you know where your time is best spent. It’s easy to focus on the best leads and make adjustments when necessary. It makes it easier for roofing companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors by focusing on those areas where they excel.


When you think about the benefits of call tracking, you might be thinking about different marketing tools. But call tracking can actually help your business.

Call tracking is one of the tools roofers can use to increase their efficiency, safety, and profitability.

It allows roofers to better manage their time and understand the customer service they get from each call. With call tracking, roofers are able to better target their resources and better understand how long each call takes.

With fewer wasted calls, roofers are able to schedule their work more effectively and reduce the overall cost of labor.

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