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Call tracking software for restaurants.

Buy call tracking numbers and know exactly which marketing campaigns make your phone ring.

call tracking for restaurants

Do you know what marketing efforts are generating calls?

With CallScaler, you can finally answer the "how did you hear about us?" question for all of your customers automatically.

"Our restaurant is seeing a huge ROI from using CallScaler. It was easy set up for routing and recording calls and we can finally see analytics on which marketing campaigns are performing best."
Jeremy F.
BC Capital

What can you do with callscaler?

Run a better restaurant with call tracking.

Call tracking
Track your marketing campaigns efficiently with the most affordable rates in the industry (starting at $0.45/number)
Call flows
Call flows allow you to route calls in your business. Start with a greeting, forward calls, send automated texts, and more!
Call recording
Record calls, listen back, & download the mp3 to share with others.
SMS forwarding
Forward inbound text messages to any number.
Call whisper
Give each call more context before calls are connected.

Spend less time worrying about usage costs. tracking attribution.  creating reports.

CallScaler saves you both time and money with call tracking. See how by creating an account now!

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Reporting & analytics
See the details that matter in your calls from a high level view right from your dashboard.
Press 1 To Connect
Filter out robot spam calls by requiring the caller to press 1 in order to connect the call.
Send calls direct to voicemail or after a certain duration of ringing.
Custom Greetings
Use text-to-speech or upload an mp3 as a greeting.
Port numbers in
Transfer your numbers from your current provider to us!
Spam blocking
Block calls from spam & robot numbers.
Voicemail Notifications
Send a SMS with the recording of the voicemail to any number.
Missed Call Notifications
Send a SMS to any number notifying them that there was a missed call.
Automatically send reports via email to your team or client.
Email Call Details
Send an email to multiple recipients with call details & recording link directly after a call is completed.

How call tracking numbers work for restaurants 👇

Call tracking software is a valuable resource for any business. It helps you measure the performance of your call center and identify the areas that need to be improved.

Call tracking assists you in analyzing why certain calls are being dropped. A call tracking system makes it easier to identify which of your staff failed to make a sale, or why certain leads weren’t followed up on as expected. It also helps you identify why some customers are more successful than others when calling for support.

When it comes to restaurants, call tracking can help increase sales and customer loyalty by providing insights into how your business is perceived by potential customers and what types of marketing campaigns work best with the target audience. Here are 5 benefits of using call tracking software for restaurants:

More accurate marketing strategies

Call tracking software helps you plan your marketing strategies more accurately. It helps you identify the areas of your business that are working best, as well as which campaigns should be scaled back or abandoned altogether. Call Tracking can help you prioritize your efforts and save time on redundant tasks.

In order to find out what’s working and what isn’t, call tracking software provides detailed analytics about your business calls. It allows you to understand which calls resulted in leads, which didn’t, which customers were satisfied with the experience, and which customers required additional support. You can analyze these data points to determine why certain calls were successful or not so much in the first place.

Call tracking software also offers tools that allow you to measure how effective your marketing efforts are before they even take place. This is valuable for restaurant marketers who want to make sure their promotional campaigns are driving results before they spend more money on advertising.

Call tracking software makes it easy for restaurants to track their marketing effectiveness by allowing them to monitor the success of each campaign before it runs its course.

Better consumer understanding of your brand

Anyone who has ever called a restaurant for support knows that call centers can be a bit overwhelming.

With call tracking software, you’ll be able to measure what customers are really thinking about your brand. This will help you make decisions about which marketing campaigns work best and how to engage with customers on social media.

Call tracking software helps you identify the problems with certain customer interactions. For example, if a customer reached out to the restaurant on Twitter and wrote something negative about their experience, it would be easy to find that record of the interaction in your call-tracking system.

You could then respond by finding out why they were so upset (maybe they didn’t get their food delivered) and reach out to them personally on social media or provide them with some type of compensation for their frustration.

Efficient scheduling of marketing campaigns

One of the benefits of using call tracking software is that it makes it easy for you to determine how your marketing campaigns are being received by potential customers. For example, if your business has a limited budget for advertising and you want to increase sales, you could use call tracking software to create an automated campaign and target which audiences would benefit from the ads.

Call tracking enables you to do this because it tracks the success of calls and allows you to know exactly how many leads were generated from a particular campaign. You can then make adjustments based on what worked best and what didn’t when running such a campaign in the future.

Better employee performance management

If your staff is using call tracking, they can be evaluated on their performance and be held accountable for the outcomes.

  • Better customer service: With a call tracker, you can identify which employees are struggling to make sales or contact leads and intervene early before it’s too late.
  • Improved marketing campaigns: Call tracking provides data on how people respond to different types of marketing efforts, like paid search ads, TV commercials, and social media campaigns. You can use this data to shape your future marketing strategies.
  • Improved customer loyalty: Using CallScaler will help you identify what kind of calls customers need more help with in order to increase their chances for success. This will help you develop personalized training and marketing strategies for your customers.
  • Increased sales: The data provided by call tracking software will help you see which campaigns are most successful in increasing sales numbers or improving lead conversion rates.

Reduce call center costs

As a restaurant, your customer service may be the most important aspect of your business. This is why reducing call center costs can have a significant impact on your bottom line. With call tracking software, you will have more accurate data on the performance of your phone lines and customer service representatives.

This makes it easier to determine which departments are the highest-performing and the ones that need to be improved. You’ll be able to identify areas where customer satisfaction has decreased or it’s been too long since they spoke with someone on the phone.

Call tracking software also helps you pinpoint how much time is wasted by phone representatives as they answer calls incorrectly or spend too much time on each call.

These insights will help you make an informed decision about how to better tackle this issue in order to improve overall efficiency and reduce costs simultaneously.


Call tracking software can help analyze performance, improve customer relations and provide better marketing strategies. It is worth the cost of the software to many businesses since it helps make a stronger impact on your bottom line.

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