Call Tracking System and Call Analytics For Your Business

It's time to finally figure out where your inbound phone calls are coming from. Track, record, and attribute calls to their associated marketing campaign.


Ready to start understanding how your business is generating inbound calls? Call tracking software lets you understand exactly what marketing efforts and ad campaigns are making your phone ring so that you can put your time and money into what works.

Whether you’re a small business or agency, CallScaler has all the tools you need when you’re looking for tracking and analytics platforms.

Here are a few ways we are different from other platforms:

  • Affordable and built to scale with your business: As low as $0.30 per phone number 🎉
  • Simple and uncomplicated: Easily route calls to anywhere in your business in just a few clicks 
  • No funny business: Simple setup in 2 minutes without any hidden fees
  • Recording, tracking, analytics, and more: Easily buy phone numbers, track and record calls straight within the platform
  • Simple porting process: If want to bring your existing phone number to us, we can make that happen free of charge!

What is call tracking?

Online call tracking software is often mistaken for call center software that keeps agents on the script or for parental monitoring software for teenagers. But it is actually an effective business strategy to provide you with call analytics to analyze and track valuable data from inbound phone calls.

You can use call tracking to monitor call quality in your contact center. However, it is mostly used as a technology that marketers use to attribute calls and optimize ad campaigns.

In this article we will establish a common understanding of what call tracking software is and how it helps marketers & call centers track inbound calls to give relevant data to aid in their overall marketing strategy.

What is inbound call tracking software?

Marketing tactics and campaigns can be enhanced by call tracking software because it gives marketers better information about their phone conversations. It is also one of the most helpful marketing tools in determining exactly what marketing campaign drove phone calls to your business or your client. Businesses that use call tracking, for example, can see which ads, websites, and even keywords drove you to call.

After you’re on the phone, you can use conversational analytics to analyze the language used during the call to tell if you’ve purchased anything, gotten a quote, or scheduled an appointment – or what marketers call a “conversion.”

This data can then be used to track marketing campaigns, improve web pages, Facebook ads, and social media to attract more high-value clients.

Call tracking software also gives you a reliable and precise method to see how many inbound calls have come into your business.

Your data trail goes cold when customers pick up the phone, so proving the ROI of your marketing efforts will be impossible.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Marketers are able to track customers’ digital journeys based on unique phone numbers that can be tracked online using cloud-based call tracking software. By using a tracking solution like CallScaler, you can track online calls and analyze their data.

Whether you are using toll-free numbers or local numbers, you’ll be able to see all customer journey data and even enable call recording to have the call data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

A person calling a telephone number can connect to a call center, a local agent, or anything else using the tracking platform. As a result, the callers’ previous activity can be linked to their phone call by aggregated digital call data. A caller doesn’t experience any interruptions of service as a result of this.

Why Your Business Needs Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software offers several benefits:

● Marketing ROI analysis in-depth

By tracking your call conversions, you can find out which of your ad venues are sending over good leads and improving your conversion rate. You can use this tracking software to see exactly which landing pages are affecting your customer journey.

Marketing ROI can be seen through call tracking, according to marketers’ experience. The clients of these companies are learning that phone calls are bringing them more clients.

Our clients can make better marketing investments when we can see a significant amount of advertising ROI. In that case, it’s really just about tracking basic channels. Our clients can get even more effective inbound marketing when they start to enable a call tracking solution.

● Staying on top of Smartphone usage

Buyer behavior has been affected by smartphones. So, it has muddled up the concept of online conversion and clickthroughs from web ads. Due to the fact that smartphones can still be used for this conversion.

You can monitor calls made using smartphones when you set up call tracking. Your marketing channels are interconnected to the extent that this gives you valuable insight. Due to some people’s preference for phone calls, you can’t rely completely on online advertising and online subscriptions and bookings. Nevertheless, online presence is valuable – you need to promote yourself online.

To add to that, many times a call tracking platform is helpful in converting more customers in the first place! Customers are much more likely to convert over the phone so driving calls to your business can optimize paid search, your marketing campaign, and other digital marketing performance.

Since some industries have even considered eliminating their sales teams, this is something we need to take note of. However, there are still 25% of reservations in the hotel industry made via phone despite the prevalence of online booking websites and online agents.

● Experiences for callers that are better

The integration of call tracking and analytics and CRM systems puts the caller’s information front and center. This person knows his or her location, the product of interest, and call history. Your social media presence and website might even show you how they engage with you.

Caller experience can be improved with the help of this information coming from your call tracking software. Then, sales and support teams who can better address their specific needs can be informed from the get-go. A local person or a person who knows where to pick up what they need can take care of them.

● Offline Engagement Tracking

Tracking your offline marketing campaigns is possible with call tracking. By simply looking at the number they called, you know how they found you.

This is a useful way to evaluate the success of TV and radio advertisements and participation in trade shows. Keeping track of your marketing efforts, including one-page flyers, is important. Keep track of these efforts by assigning specific numbers.

What are the benefits of call tracking for marketers?

A popular use of call tracking for marketers is optimizing their paid search and other digital marketing campaigns, personalizing the customer experience and integrating online and offline data sources. One of the main benefits they enjoy is a reduction in cost-per-click (CPC) on paid search, a reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and an increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

Call tracking solutions are most commonly used by what industries?

Those industries that rely on inbound calls for customer acquisition should utilize call tracking solutions. By doing so, they can identify the marketing programs that generate the greatest return on investment and optimize them accordingly. Automobiles, healthcare, home services, financial services, franchises, insurance, travel, telecommunication, and real estate are examples.

How to track business calls using a cloud-based phone system?

With digital marketing, advertisements, inbound and outbound marketing strategies, call tracking software can be an effective tool for optimizing your marketing efforts. If you’ve been wondering how and why you should implement call tracking software in your business, read on to discover why.

It is important to track the return on your marketing investment to determine its success. You make money if your marketing strategy works, and the same goes for your return on investment.

You should use analytics and measurements to measure the statistical data. A successful marketing campaign involves a variety of factors, including advertising, SEO, content marketing, and offline materials.

Yet there is an important metric you might be omitting: how successful your calls are. The source of the calls, what brought about conversions, who your customers are, and the pain points they face might not be apparent to you.

In this case, your calls may not achieve their full potential. Software for call tracking can help here. The tool can help your staff map all this information and identify opportunities to improve your call strategy and boost your conversion rate. Let’s get started!

Does call tracking software help with Google Ads?

Call tracking software lets you see why your customers call and how they convert via offline and online channels and how it affects your Google ads effectiveness.

Your tracking number gives you an overview of lead sources, lets you record phone calls, and helps you determine which Google Ads have produced the greatest amount of leads for the least amount of ad spend. A detailed report will be provided as well as analytics to help you better understand what is going on.

How does it work?

Google Ads and Google Analytics are great tools for evaluating the performance of your online marketing campaign. It is difficult to track the performance of TV, radio, or any other offline campaigns, but not without call tracking platforms and call analytics.

The lead generation and conversion rates of offline campaigns must be checked. Inbound calls from individual campaigns can be tracked if separate phone numbers are attached to each campaign using a call tracking solution.

Managers of sales teams or a call center are able to identify the campaigns that are working as a result. Exactly the same thing is done by call tracking software. Depending on the intention, preferences, language, and more of a user, the call tracking software can reroute the call.

You can record calls and use them for marketing improvements, like understanding call duration, customer emotions, and feedback.

Is Call Tracking Software Beneficial?

You can benefit from call tracking software on several levels, including:

1. Intelligently route incoming calls using a call tracking solution

There is nothing faster than being placed on hold for too long or being assigned the wrong person to talk to that can turn a customer from merely unhappy into irate. Potential customers can also be frustrated when they are unable to reach a department or individual who is capable of answering their questions. The best available agent will be automatically routed based on caller segmentation, capturing customer intent or qualifying leads prior to the call.

2. Use reporting tools to measure call duration and conversion rates

Businesses can find out things such as the number of dialed numbers, length of the call and hold time with a good dynamic call tracking platform. Automated call tracking software provides multiple columns in reports so you can analyze all attributes associated with your leads. By tying in statistics about conversion rates and lifetime value, companies are able to calculate customer lifetime value. You can gain valuable insight into the thought process of your customers by studying how the call was initiated and where the lead originated.

3. Identify the current context of your contact

Customer relationship management and sales both rely on key caller data. Tracking calls helps to put context to factors like the time of day, social media activity, live form tracking, and past customer experience. Allowing companies to provide faster and more effective customer service. Spot customer issues and purchasing trends prior to them occurring.

4. Provide personalized customer service

Customer experience can be tweaked even more easily with a call tracking solution. User tracking can be accomplished through dynamic numbers across web pages. By routing calls based on ad campaigns, previous engagements, and customer intent or feedback, you can enable personalized interactions and deliver this information seamlessly to the call agent before the call begins.

5. Monitor concurrent leads by creating dynamic phone numbers

Customers visiting your brand are shown a unique number every time they visit. Easily track inbound phone calls and multiple users can be tracked simultaneously without having to display multiple call tracking numbers, so that it is possible to directly link every customer to their lead source, while still maintaining unique personalization across all of your pages.

Call tracking providers offer an easy way to see high-value phone calls and many call tracking users typically treat digital data in a simple way: to see how their ad spend effects call outcome. Measure revenue

6. Optimize calls, marketing, and social media ads with call tracking

Google report shows almost half (47%) of people who search for a brand using a mobile device typically continue searching if an ad does not include a phone number.

Almost 70% of customers use “click to call” as part of an ad campaign to contact businesses, according to a Google study. Make your marketing efforts more effective by targeting demographics by content, channel, ad set or language, so that you can efficiently distribute leads to your agents.

7. Improve Customer Service and Reduce Call Times with Call Tracking

The call tracking solution enables you to route calls to the appropriate department according to previously set attributes instantly. Recurring customers can be connected to agents they’ve spoken to before, or you can tie them into data about customers you already have from their online interactions. As a result of eliminating hold time, rerouting, and endless menus, customers experience a better customer experience.

For quick resolution of customer issues, dynamic phone numbers can be created for specific problems with customers and instantly routed to a resource qualified to handle the issue. Achieving this will assist product and service development, training, and product improvement.

How to record business phone calls?

The ability to record business calls with call tracking lets you capture incoming calls automatically. Businesses need this functionality to ensure they are providing quality service to their agents, as well as to train staff, assist in resolving disputes, and more.

Because of the shift to working from home, most employees talk on the phone instead of meeting face-to-face. Call recording for business is essential since this form of communication is so vital. It’s impossible to know what transpired if calls are not recorded. Business call recording is essential for managing leads and monitoring employees.

Your employees will be able to communicate with clients better using call tracking and analytics software as a communication tool. Your business can benefit from call recording in a number of ways. Put it in place now, if you are not already.

Numerous creative ways are being used by businesses to record calls, such as:

● Taking care of business needs

● Order verification

● Solving problems

● Providing better service to customers

● Employers and new hires receive training

● Performance management

It’s easy to train new employees and manage them with a call tracking system. Besides serving the needs of call centers, call recording can also be utilized by any type of business, such as insurance, hospitality, travel, and real estate.

The benefits of call recordings are unique to each method.

Call metrics and measurements are vital to the success of marketing and sales departments. It can be useful to be able to record telephone conversations with a call tracking solution. The following guide will show you how to do this in two simple steps.

It’s certainly a good idea to record phone calls from time to time. In the future, keeping an uncontested record or even just keeping it in your head can be a safe bet. It’s easy to do if you follow our instructions.

If you intend to record your contacts, it would be polite to alert them. It is legal in the US and the UK, but you do need to inform them using a call tracking solution like CallScaler. Furthermore, simply knowing the third party is being recorded could lead to a positive outcome.

The best way to record your calls is to use either a landline or a smartphone – there are some that will work with either – and you could probably start without any additional hardware.

When do you want to record a telephone call?

It’s almost always a good idea to use a call tracking solution to collect call analytics. As for call tracking providers, CallScaler may be the best call tracking software on the market.

What can a call tracking solution like CallScaler help me with when it comes to call center data and other data?

They can help you with paid search, help you win with Google’s smart bidding algorithm, and improve the life of your call center reps with online data collection at their fingertips.

Final words:

You should see how important call tracking software is to drive your sales and marketing efforts with optimized marketing and sales strategies with this information on call tracking software. Thanks for reading about how to implement a call tracking solution.

Track your sales team, inbound leads, call center reps, or get overall additional customer journey data today by signing up for CallScaler: the best call tracking software to help you with tracking data about calls and optimize paid search or SEO today!

Ready to get your call tracking system up and running?

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