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712 area code location: Iowa

Locations covered: Alta Underwood Sioux City Audubon Shelby Mapleton Estherville Glidden Breda Carroll Storm Lake Shenandoah Logan Onawa Cherokee Crescent Sergeant Bluff Hospers Spencer Harlan Greenville Carter Lake Council Bluffs Atlantic Denison Exira Newell Early Schaller Ireton Galva Sioux Rapids Rembrandt Bedford Braddyville New Market Fonda Marathon Rockwell City Peterson Linn Grove Ida Grove Glenwood Clarinda Le Mars Avoca Sidney Spirit Lake Sheldon Red Oak Arnolds Park Pocahontas Milford Cass George Boyden Correctionville Harris Hamburg Havelock Castana Palmer Orange City Battle Creek Arthur Holstein Anthon Pierson Marcus Gravity Kingsley Essex Cushing Farragut Hastings Imogene Rock Rapids Minden Emmetsburg Sloan Hawarden Cylinder Mallard Ayrshire Malvern Lake Park Aurelia Cleghorn Larrabee Hull Sioux Center Woodbine Meriden Quimby Sutherland Washta Paullina Laurens Rock Valley Blencoe Whiting Little Sioux Moorhead Hartley Sibley Lake City Lohrville Lytton Pomeroy Manson Alvord Larchwood Little Rock Oakland Carson Neola Macedonia Mc Clelland Silver City Portsmouth Panama Brayton Remsen Merrill Thurman Emerson Northboro Maurice Akron Earling Coin Blanchard Stanton Villisca Massena Missouri Valley Modale Walnut Pacific Junction Tabor Primghar Sanborn Nemaha Dunlap Pisgah Lake View Bayard Scranton Manning Manilla Arcadia Templeton Sac City Westside Wall Lake Churdan Odebolt Dow City Kiron Schleswig Vail Charter Oak Ute Ocheyedan Dedham Coon Rapids Auburn Archer Ashton Doon Granville Melvin Sioux Hancock Defiance Inwood Alton Anita Elliott Cumberland Griswold Elk Horn Kirkman Lewis Kimballton Marne Irwin Wiota Nodaway Henderson Oto Everly Webb Dickens Ruthven Albert City Rolfe Terril Curlew Graettinger Armstrong Dolliver Ringsted Wallingford Moville Hornick Bronson Danbury Soldier Smithland Royal Lawton Salix Hinton Percival 

Time Zone: Central (GMT -06:00)

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Brief history of the area code 712 in Council Bluffs, IA

For most of us these days, phone numbers are just a way to contact a specific person or business. However, there’s a lot more to the story of these numbers than meets the eye. Phone numbers have been with us for over 100 years and have gone through some major changes in that time.

I’m going to give you some background on the history of phone numbers and then show you the recent changes that have happened specifically with a phone number belonging to the Iowa area code: 712.

Area codes growth and area code 712

The growth of area codes In 1876, the first telephone was invented. After that, phones started to grow in popularity and the need to assign each number to one specific phone was cleared. 

Council Bluffs and Alta are becoming a very large attraction for businesses around the United States. 

Before starting any business in Council Bluffs, it is imperative to understand the main factors behind running a smooth operation. This includes having a local presence – and learning how to get a 712 phone number helps with just that!

When you get a 712 phone number through CallScaler, you can set up call routing, call recording, voicemails, and much more! You can also acquire toll free numbers through our platform if need be.

Stay connected with a 712 phone number

When you get 712 phone numbers, you are setting yourself up for a good first move. However, it is not necessary to set up large physical systems with telephone numbers in Iowa because you may need just one phone number for a Alta area code if your business is small. 

So you may ask yourself… how do I do this easily and without paying a huge price tag?

The solution lies in getting a virtual phone number of the desired location. Traditional communication systems have recently been replaced by VoIP (Voiceover IP) services. 

You can also make a switch to using local virtual numbers for your business and leverage the wonderful benefits of cloud-based phone services.

Area codes in Council Bluffs

The area code for most of the Council Bluffs-based phone numbers begins with 712. You can choose from a wide range of numbers after selecting your preferred area code. Now more than ever, Alta and Council Bluffs-based virtual phone numbers are being used by businesses in the area and businesses that need a local phone number in the area but aren’t there physically.

If your business has a Council Bluffs telephone number, it creates a sense of authenticity amongst all customers and clients.  Moreover, getting a virtual mobile number has become easier than ever before for anyone in the world. 

For startups, and other small businesses acquiring virtual phone numbers and setting up call flows, you get loads of benefits. It also helps improve the overall brand image of your business.

Instead of normal phone numbers, businesses can use virtual mobile numbers to take inbound customer calls. Virtual numbers in 712 and Underwood are the solution to keep your business ahead in whatever business market you are in.

The benefits of a 712 local number are as follows:

  • Call charges are lower than traditional PSTN based telephone carriers.
  • Businesses experience improved on-the-go productivity.
  • You get a professional image to your business.
  • You can route and record all calls to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Easy setup process compared to traditional phone systems
  • You have complete freedom to choose whatever vanity number you’d like.
  • Simplicity and massive scalability
  • It’s much easier to stay connected with the people in the 712 area code

The 712 numbers in Council Bluffs can be a big benefit to your organization. These phone numbers allow callers to reach your business and show that you have a local presence in Council Bluffs.

In fact, you can buy US phone numbers from anywhere in the world and make it dead simple for you to run your business with a local presence.

Last Notes

The good news is, that 712 phone numbers are available to purchase right here at CallScaler and no contracts are required. 

So you can transfer the number to a different carrier at any point in time if you wish. Purchase 712 phone numbers today with CallScaler and take your business to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for a free CallScaler account and get your first 712 phone number absolutely free.

All you have to do is click “BUY PHONE NUMBERS” button after you log in and you can purchase a Alta-based phone number for your business.

A 712 phone number starts at only $0.20 per number and you get a $10 balance in your account to get you started on the right track.

You can set up call forwarding, recording, call whispers, voicemails, email reports, and much more. We make it easy to manage your business with CallScaler.

The 712 area code covers the following zip codes: 51002 51576 51105 51101 51103 50025 51570 51034 51334 51443 51436 51401 50588 51601 51546 51040 51012 51111 51106 51104 51526 51054 51238 51301 51537 51108 51343 51510 51501 51503 50022 51442 50076 50568 50535 51053 51027 51020 50585 50576 50833 51631 51646 50540 50565 50579 51047 51033 51445 51534 51632 51031 51521 51652 51360 51201 51566 51331 50574 51351 51237 51234 51016 51345 51640 50546 51010 50571 51041 51006 51431 51025 51004 51048 51035 50848 51028 51638 51018 51639 51540 51645 51109 51246 51553 50536 51055 51023 50528 50562 50515 51551 51347 51005 51014 51029 51239 51250 51579 51037 51049 51058 51061 51046 50554 51247 51523 51063 51545 51558 51346 51249 51449 51453 50561 50575 50563 51230 51241 51243 51560 51525 51559 51549 51548 51571 51565 51562 50042 51050 51038 51654 51533 51647 51036 51001 51530 51636 51630 51573 50864 50853 51555 51556 51577 51561 51653 51245 51248 50567 51529 51564 51450 50029 51462 51455 51454 51430 51463 50583 51467 51466 50050 51458 51528 51448 51461 51465 51439 51060 51354 51440 50058 51433 51231 51232 51235 51022 51350 51536 51527 51240 51003 50020 51532 50843 51535 51531 51447 51544 51543 51552 51446 50274 50857 51541 51044 51338 51366 51333 51358 50510 50581 51364 50527 51342 50514 50531 50578 51365 51039 51026 51007 51019 51572 51056 51357 51030 51052 51024 51648 

Yes, the 712 area code belongs to Council Bluffs, IA and it covers further other surrounding areas like Alta and Underwood.

When you buy a 712 phone number, you are showing your customers that you are a local business within Council Bluffs, Alta, or Underwood.

This is helpful for SEO purposes and can be a good way to show that you are actually here locally and not just a national brand that permeates through the entire United States.

When you get a 712 phone number, you will be able to set up that number to forward to your personal phone, record calls, set up call greetings, voicemails and much more!

Each number comes with great voice quality and above everything it is extremely affordable at as low as $0.20 per number.

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