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406 area code location: Montana

Locations covered: Billings Rosebud Helena Missoula Great Falls Bozeman Seeley Lake Kalispell Forsyth Livingston Butte Boulder Essex East Helena Glasgow Miles City Wolf Creek Neihart Thompson Falls Bonner Dixon Havre Fort Shaw Townsend Divide Saint Regis Conrad Lolo Ronan Polson Charlo Lima Belt Valier Manhattan Libby Three Forks Antelope Reserve Medicine Lake Whitehall Drummond Columbus Joplin Troy Eureka Malta Canyon Creek White Sulphur Springs Cascade Roundup Reed Point Absarokee Clinton Sweet Grass Cut Bank Sunburst Browning Shelby Hysham Sanders Wyola Glendive Huntley Conner Lewistown Box Elder Harlem Angela Rudyard Chinook Lloyd Musselshell Hamilton Lincoln Hinsdale Kremlin Shepherd Moore Gildford Big Sandy Turner Superior Dodson Westby Columbia Falls Whitefish Belgrade Frazer Somers Hingham Deer Lodge Bigfork Hobson Red Lodge Broadus Grass Range Forest Grove Winnett Galata Lothair Sidney Roberts Brockton Chester Winifred Power Roy Choteau Fairfield Pendroy Judith Gap Scobey Whitetail Flaxville Dutton Ashland Dagmar Belfry Circle Mildred Fallon Garrison Frenchtown Culbertson Nashua Wolf Point Fort Peck Saco Laurel Melville Olive Volborg Lewis And Clark Jordan Anaconda Yellowstone Stanford Denton Ryegate Big Arm Two Dot Martinsdale Bearcreek Lavina Wilsall Bloomfield Lindsay Plevna Busby Dillon Carter Fort Benton Loma Hardin Stevensville Brady Elmo Park City Crow Agency Lodge Grass West Yellowstone Victor Bridger Rapelje Saint Xavier Acton Broadview Fromberg Molt Zortman Whitewater Polaris Ennis Virginia City Twin Bridges Sheridan Silver Star Norris Cardwell Wisdom Rollins Dayton Lakeside Alberton Larslan Opheim Richland Arlee Highwood Geyser Sand Coulee Stockett Geraldine Raynesford Hot Springs Saint Ignatius Condon Decker Gallatin Gateway Plentywood Froid Alzada Poplar Bainville Richey Lambert Ekalaka Savage Baker Ovando Wibaux Darby Plains Wise River Jackson Silver Gate Noxon Emigrant Marion Kila Bighorn Custer Philipsburg Vaughn Worden Peerless Outlook Joliet Big Timber Clancy Terry Corvallis Capitol Birney 

Time Zone: Mountain (GMT -07:00)

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Brief history of the area code 406 in Billings, MT

For most of us these days, phone numbers are just a way to contact a specific person or business. However, there’s a lot more to the story of these numbers than meets the eye. Phone numbers have been with us for over 100 years and have gone through some major changes in that time.

I’m going to give you some background on the history of phone numbers and then show you the recent changes that have happened specifically with a phone number belonging to the Montana area code: 406.

Area codes growth and area code 406

The growth of area codes In 1876, the first telephone was invented. After that, phones started to grow in popularity and the need to assign each number to one specific phone was cleared. 

Billings and Rosebud are becoming a very large attraction for businesses around the United States. 

Before starting any business in Billings, it is imperative to understand the main factors behind running a smooth operation. This includes having a local presence – and learning how to get a 406 phone number helps with just that!

When you get a 406 phone number through CallScaler, you can set up call routing, call recording, voicemails, and much more! You can also acquire toll free numbers through our platform if need be.

Stay connected with a 406 phone number

When you get 406 phone numbers, you are setting yourself up for a good first move. However, it is not necessary to set up large physical systems with telephone numbers in Montana because you may need just one phone number for a Rosebud area code if your business is small. 

So you may ask yourself… how do I do this easily and without paying a huge price tag?

The solution lies in getting a virtual phone number of the desired location. Traditional communication systems have recently been replaced by VoIP (Voiceover IP) services. 

You can also make a switch to using local virtual numbers for your business and leverage the wonderful benefits of cloud-based phone services.

Area codes in Billings

The area code for most of the Billings-based phone numbers begins with 406. You can choose from a wide range of numbers after selecting your preferred area code. Now more than ever, Rosebud and Billings-based virtual phone numbers are being used by businesses in the area and businesses that need a local phone number in the area but aren’t there physically.

If your business has a Billings telephone number, it creates a sense of authenticity amongst all customers and clients.  Moreover, getting a virtual mobile number has become easier than ever before for anyone in the world. 

For startups, and other small businesses acquiring virtual phone numbers and setting up call flows, you get loads of benefits. It also helps improve the overall brand image of your business.

Instead of normal phone numbers, businesses can use virtual mobile numbers to take inbound customer calls. Virtual numbers in 406 and Helena are the solution to keep your business ahead in whatever business market you are in.

The benefits of a 406 local number are as follows:

  • Call charges are lower than traditional PSTN based telephone carriers.
  • Businesses experience improved on-the-go productivity.
  • You get a professional image to your business.
  • You can route and record all calls to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Easy setup process compared to traditional phone systems
  • You have complete freedom to choose whatever vanity number you’d like.
  • Simplicity and massive scalability
  • It’s much easier to stay connected with the people in the 406 area code

The 406 numbers in Billings can be a big benefit to your organization. These phone numbers allow callers to reach your business and show that you have a local presence in Billings.

In fact, you can buy US phone numbers from anywhere in the world and make it dead simple for you to run your business with a local presence.

Last Notes

The good news is, that 406 phone numbers are available to purchase right here at CallScaler and no contracts are required. 

So you can transfer the number to a different carrier at any point in time if you wish. Purchase 406 phone numbers today with CallScaler and take your business to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for a free CallScaler account and get your first 406 phone number absolutely free.

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A 406 phone number starts at only $0.20 per number and you get a $10 balance in your account to get you started on the right track.

You can set up call forwarding, recording, call whispers, voicemails, email reports, and much more. We make it easy to manage your business with CallScaler.

The 406 area code covers the following zip codes: 59106 59101 59102 59347 59602 59626 59601 59801 59803 59802 59401 59405 59404 59105 59718 59715 59868 59901 59327 59047 59750 59701 59632 59916 59635 59230 59301 59648 59465 59804 59873 59823 59831 59501 59443 59644 59727 59866 59425 59847 59864 59860 59824 59739 59412 59486 59741 59923 59752 59211 59258 59247 59759 59832 59019 59531 59935 59917 59538 59633 59645 59072 59069 59001 59825 59484 59427 59482 59417 59474 59038 59076 59089 59330 59037 59827 59457 59521 59526 59312 59540 59523 59535 59059 59840 59639 59241 59532 59079 59464 59525 59520 59542 59872 59524 59275 59912 59937 59714 59225 59932 59528 59722 59911 59452 59068 59317 59032 59441 59087 59444 59461 59270 59070 59213 59522 59489 59468 59471 59422 59436 59421 59467 59453 59263 59276 59222 59433 59003 59219 59008 59215 59341 59326 59731 59834 59218 59248 59201 59223 59261 59044 59055 59343 59351 59337 59711 59479 59430 59074 59910 59085 59053 59007 59046 59086 59315 59339 59344 59016 59725 59420 59442 59460 59034 59870 59416 59915 59063 59022 59050 59758 59875 59014 59067 59075 59002 59015 59029 59057 59546 59544 59746 59729 59755 59754 59749 59751 59745 59721 59761 59931 59914 59922 59820 59244 59250 59260 59821 59450 59447 59472 59480 59446 59469 59845 59865 59826 59025 59730 59254 59226 59311 59255 59212 59259 59243 59324 59262 59313 59854 59353 59829 59859 59762 59736 59081 59853 59027 59925 59920 59010 59024 59858 59487 59088 59253 59252 59041 59011 59634 59349 59828 59319 59012 

Yes, the 406 area code belongs to Billings, MT and it covers further other surrounding areas like Rosebud and Helena.

When you buy a 406 phone number, you are showing your customers that you are a local business within Billings, Rosebud, or Helena.

This is helpful for SEO purposes and can be a good way to show that you are actually here locally and not just a national brand that permeates through the entire United States.

When you get a 406 phone number, you will be able to set up that number to forward to your personal phone, record calls, set up call greetings, voicemails and much more!

Each number comes with great voice quality and above everything it is extremely affordable at as low as $0.20 per number.

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