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How To Track Phone Calls From Emails


You can easily track phone calls from your emails by using a call tracking platform.

If you get unique call tracking numbers and give each email campaign it's own number, you'll know exactly which emails are driving calls into your business.

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Tired of struggling to connect the dots between your email marketing and phone call leads? The truth is, not properly tracking these calls can leave significant gaps in your data. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to effectively track phone calls originating from your emails using tools such as CallScaler.

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Key Takeaways

  • Call tracking lets you know where your phone calls come from. It uses unique numbers for each ad campaign so you can gather data about callers.
  • You can track calls from emails with tools like CallScaler. Buy unique numbers, then assign one to each email campaign.
  • Different ways to track calls include manually, using click-to-call actions or software like CallScaler. Manual is hard work but detailed while click-to-call is instant and tracks leads well. Software shows what drives most calls.
  • Call tracking’s impact on PPC advertising means you treat every click as a potential lead and learn more about how your ads are working by seeing which ones drive the most conversations, helping improve your ROI significantly.
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What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that lets businesses identify where their phone calls are coming from. At its core, it’s about generating unique telephone numbers linked to each advertising campaign or promotion.

This enables marketers to collect information about callers and their behavior.

Using special software like CallScaler, call tracking logs every inbound and outbound call. It records important data: the location of the caller, time of call, duration, and even the route taken through an automated answering system.

With this valuable insight, businesses can fine-tune marketing strategies and improve customer interaction processes.

How to Track Calls from Email Platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Keap, and Brevo

guy tracking calls from computer

CallScaler makes tracking calls from emails a seamless process. Its powerful features provide real-time insights which help in understanding your audience’s behavior and improving your marketing strategies.

To begin, you need to first log into your CallScaler account.

After logging into CallScaler, navigate to the ‘Numbers’ section on the left-hand menu and click on ‘Buy Numbers’. This feature allows you to purchase unique phone numbers for each of your email campaigns.

After purchasing these numbers, go back to the dashboard and click on ‘Create Campaign’. Here, select ‘Email campaign’ as the type and assign one of your purchased numbers.

The assignment of individual numbers per campaign enables efficient tracking that identifies exactly where calls are originating from. With this detailed data at hand, businesses can make informed decisions based on their email call responses.

Setting Up Call Tracking in CallScaler

CallScaler makes setting up call tracking simple with user-friendly tools that enable you to purchase phone numbers and create unique tracking for email campaigns. Explore how your business can boost its leads by leveraging this advanced feature, read on!

Buying phone numbers

Purchasing phone numbers is quite convenient and essential for call tracking. Companies like Aweber, Mailerlite and Omnisend provide numbers that can be bought online easily. These numbers are cost-effective and you can buy as many as you need to track your different advertising campaigns.

Every email marketing platform such as Constant Contact, Convertkit or Drip has the feature of attaching these unique phone numbers to individual email campaigns so you know exactly which email is driving calls your way.

Creating unique tracking numbers for email campaigns

To create unique tracking numbers for each email campaign, first, purchase a set of phone numbers from your call tracking software. Next, assign each number to a specific campaign.

Now when you include these uniquely assigned phone numbers in your emails, the software will attribute all calls made from those particular numbers back to their respective campaigns.

This allows businesses to accurately track and measure the performance of different email initiatives. It’s an efficient way to understand which campaigns generate more calls and leads, providing valuable insights for future marketing strategies.

Get call tracking numbers for only $0.50/mo
Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.

Different Ways to Track Calls

Discover the diverse methods of tracking calls, from manual monitoring to utilizing click-to-call actions and innovative software like CallScaler. Intrigued? Keep reading for a detailed exploration of each method and find out which one suits your business needs best.


Tracking phone calls from emails manually involves a more hands-on approach. You assign specific phone numbers to each email campaign and carefully document the responses linked to each number.

This essentially means wearing the hat of a detective journalist, sleuthing through your own data.

Despite being labor-intensive, manual tracking can offer granular insights into your campaigns. It enables you to identify which emails trigger desired reactions and which ones need improvement.

However, accuracy highly depends on meticulous record-keeping practices and keen attention to detail every step of the way.

Using click-to-call actions

Click-to-call actions offer a direct and immediate connection between you and your potential customers. A single click can turn a casual browser into a committed buyer by offering the convenience of instant communication.

This feature, embedded within an email campaign, prompts users to initiate phone calls directly from the digital platform they’re using; be it mobile or desktop. Benefit lies in tracking these user-initiated calls as leads which gives critical insight into consumer behavior, effectiveness of your marketing strategy and return on investment (ROI).

Using Call Tracking software like CallScaler

CallScaler unveils the playground of call tracking for businesses. This software converts your phone calls into valuable data points, enhancing the marketing strategies. By assigning unique tracking numbers to each email campaign, CallScaler allows you to determine which ones drive the most calls.

It’s a powerful tool that can integrate with platforms like Mailchimp and ConvertKit for seamless operation. You gain insights about caller demographics and behaviors through its robust analytics feature.

No more guesswork; every call turns into an opportunity for growth with CallScaler!

The Impact of Call Tracking on PPC Advertising

With call tracking, you can treat every click as a potential lead, providing valuable insight into the efficiency of your PPC advertising. It offers you an understanding of invisible touchpoints – interactions that don’t result in immediate sales but are influential in the buyer’s decision-making process.

This data empowers advertisers to optimize their PPC campaigns for better ROI by revealing which ads drive calls and conversions effectively.

Treating clicks as leads

Clicks often serve as initial indicators of potential customer interest. A user clicking through an email link indicates curiosity or need, which can quickly translate into a business opportunity.

Among the many metrics available in digital marketing, clicks hold significant importance due to their direct connection to engagement levels. Every click on your email campaign is, indeed, a possible lead.

However, merely collecting clicks isn’t enough for effective lead generation. Each coinciding phone call that follows a click matters just as much. These calls can provide valuable insights regarding customers’ needs and preference patterns.

An integrated approach that factors in both clicks and respective follow-up calls forms the basis of an effective conversion strategy.

Understanding the value of invisible touchpoints

Invisible touchpoints, such as phone calls generated from emails, significantly influence customer decisions and loyalty. These unseen interactions may not appear important on the surface but provide essential data about the customer journey.

With call tracking tools like CallScaler, businesses can unveil these hidden influences and harness their impact efficiently. For instance, a spike in calls after an email campaign might indicate successful content or optimal timing.

Comprehending this value is vital to optimizing marketing strategies – it’s all about gaining insight into what drives individual customers instead of relying solely on mass data analysis.

This knowledge can be instrumental in personalizing future communications and providing exceptional customer service that sets a business apart from competitors using services like Mailchimp, ConvertKit or AWeber.


In wrapping things up, it’s clear that call tracking has become an indispensable tool for businesses. It not only helps in understanding customer behavior but also optimizes ad spend.

A comprehensive platform like CallScaler can be instrumental in this process, demonstrating the undeniable significance of adopting such technology.

Why call tracking is essential for any business

Call tracking, a powerful tool that allows businesses to understand their customers’ behavior, is vital for any company. Many opportunities can be missed without it because sales and marketing teams could be making decisions based on incomplete information.

This technology helps determine which marketing campaigns are driving calls, allowing smarter investing in areas that generate results. It provides deep insights into customer interactions and reveals the unseen aspects of communication channels – strengthening overall business strategy.

Every tracked call signifies a potential sale; therefore, losing track means potentially missing out on growth opportunities!

Significance of using a comprehensive platform like CallScaler

Businesses worldwide trust CallScaler for its capacity to track, record, and analyze calls efficiently. Its comprehensive features make it possible to capture every detail about each customer interaction.

This data-driven approach helps businesses understand their communication performance better and pinpoint areas of improvement.

CallScaler stands out with its ability to integrate seamlessly with powerful CRM tools. The integration feature allows companies to synchronize call data easily and streamline their operations.

Furthermore, the platform offers advanced reporting capabilities enabling users to generate insightful reports at the click of a button in real-time. No doubt, choosing CallScaler is a game-changer for businesses seeking unparalleled control over their phone call tracking needs.

Get call tracking numbers for only $0.50/mo
Easy call tracking. Scalable pricing.


1. What is the process for tracking phone calls from emails?

With tools like CallScaler you can easily track phone calls generated from emails sent on Brevo, Moosend, Campaigner, and other email marketing platforms.

2. Can I track phone calls from marketing emails sent through Mailchimp?

Yes! Use a call tracking tool like CallScaler to assign unique tracking numbers to different emails to monitor performance.

3. Is there a way to check if my email campaign led to any customer inquiries over the phone?

Yes, by using a call tracking tool like CallScaler provides detailed reports that include phone calls & recordings that can be directly attributed to a specific email campaign sent through EmailOctopus, Mailerlite, or MailChimp.

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