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CallScaler has been accepted into TinySeed's Fall 2021 Accelerator Batch!

Get excited for more features to come from CallScaler as we enter this next season of growth!


We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the TinySeed Fall 2021 accelerator batch!

This will be an exciting time to fuel more growth into CallScaler and learn from some of the best software companies out there on how we can make our product better for our customers.

This also gives us a bit of funding to help with developer talent and much more!

Our 2022 Plans

We are in the process of a complete rebuild of CallScaler. It will be a similar app, but underneath the hood, we will be much more scalable, faster, and it will be easier to add new features in the future.

Along with that, the ability to add users and clients to your account will be an option for all accounts. 

We plan to implement a billing suite as well down the line. This way you can bill clients for calls and also have third-party affiliates that you pay for calls. 

Overall, our call tracking system will be improving tremendously after this release and the speed at which we can release new features will be improved quite a bit as well.

We’re excited for this next step in our journey!

A big welcome to these 17 startups that were accepted alongside us!

Activity Messenger — Founded by Martin Drapeau and Olivier Rousseau (Montreal, QC), Activity Messenger is an all-in-one solution for the Sports & Leisure industry.

Churnkey — Founded by Nick Fogle, Baird Hall (Charleston, SC), Scott Hurff (Santa Monica, CA), and Rob Moore (Maryland), Churnkey offers personalized off-boarding experiences for subscription businesses.

Client Hub — Founded by Judie McCarthy (Ocala, FL), Client Hub is designed specifically for cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping practices that are looking to build better client relationships for a more profitable firm. With our all-in-one solution that combines automated task management and client communication, accounting firms painlessly get what they need from clients to unblock workflow and get work completed on time.

Civic Review — Founded by John Reynolds (Ogden, UT), Civic Review increases local government efficiency by providing a platform to manage permits, licenses, and inspections. Through a simple interface, applicants can apply for permits and licenses online and government staff can collaborate online as they work through approvals.

Keeping — Founded by Cody Duval (Brooklyn, NY), Keeping is a help desk and shared inbox that works on top of Gmail, helping small and medium sized businesses manage inbound customer email without all the expense and complexity of a tool like Zendesk.

Kioskbuddy — Founded by Marvin Trajano and Lisa Tran (Irvine, CA), KioskBuddy is an app that transforms a tablet into a self-service ordering kiosk. KioskBuddy helps restaurants, food trucks, and other businesses with their staffing needs, allowing customers to place orders all on their own and freeing up employees for higher impact tasks.

Martial Arts on Rails — Founded by Eran Galperin (Austin, TX), Martial Arts on Rails provide modern management software to gyms and martial arts schools

Nestify — Founded by Rahul Nagare (Nashville, TN) and Vishal Deshpande (Nashik, MH, India), Nestify provides scalable web hosting and technical support for WordPress and WooCommerce based businesses. Businesses worldwide use Nestify to improve site speed, eliminate outages, meet google’s new page speed requirements, and increase conversions.

OfferingTree — Founded by Eddie Arpin, Alec Gorjestani, Alex Haley (Twin Cities, Minneapolis), and Arvind Menon (San Diego, CA), OfferingTree’s all-in-one business software empowers wellness businesses to easily provide their services online so they can spend more time with their clients and less on technology.

Panelfox — Founded by Michael Mukhin (California), Panelfox is an all-in-one software for research recruiting.

Rankbreeze — Founded by Kelvin Mah (Calgary, AB), Rankbreeze helps Airbnb hosts improve their search rank, pricing, and market decisions.

SignTracker — Founded by Joe Arenella (Austin, TX), Garrett Lancaster, and Keith Lancaster (Reno, NV), SignTracker helps sign shops operate and grow their businesses by providing online tools to quote, plan and manage their work.

SkySnag — Founded by Heba El Houjairy and Jad Aizarani (Dubai, UAE), Skysnag protects organizations against email impersonation.

Suggestion Ox — Founded by Andrew Berkowitz (Vancouver, WA) and Wade Minter (Raleigh, NC), Suggestion Ox is the online feedback and reporting platform that makes it easy for HR leaders and managers to gather truly candid insights

Tonomo — Founded by John Zhao (Thailand), Tonomo streamlines booking, scheduling, and project management for real estate photography companies.

Trendful — Founded by Jacquelyn de la Parte and Mailys Rabot (Tampa, FL), Trendful helps merchants acquire pre-owned inventory directly from their customers by automating pricing, offers, shipping, inventory and payouts.

WayLit — Founded by Raj Singh and Satya Mishra (St. Louis, MO), WayLit is an immigration management platform for U.S. and Canadian employers.

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