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Call Tracking for Dentists & Dental Practices

Everything you need to know about call tracking for dental practices in the United States.

Introduction: Dental Practice Call Tracking Made Easy

All dental practices we know take pride in being able to help change their patients’ lives for the better. The main challenge they encounter on that journey is the ability to get new patients and to promote their practice efficiently.

Most dental office managers and marketing coordinators end up frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexity and difficulty of managing marketing campaigns across multiple channels, optimizing their advertising budgets, and converting the dollars they spend into new customers.

Private dental practices have little wiggle room in terms of finances for marketing in the first place. Wasting a large portion of their marketing budget on campaigns that do not generate results is a luxury that few can afford.

The only way to solve this problem is to optimize every single aspect of the marketing campaign and ensure that your money produces results. Most dental practice owners would gladly do this—but only if they had the right data and insights into how their marketing campaigns are performing.

The emergence of call tracking software has created a unique opportunity to take control of your marketing campaigns and budgets and start growing your business more efficiently. We want to use this opportunity to tell you a bit more about CallScaler and how it could help you improve your dental practice.

What is CallScaler, and What Does It Do?

More and more dental practices are deciding to invest in marketing campaigns that generate calls as potential customer leads. A very valid reason exists for this, as calls consistently show much better conversion rates compared to other leads—often 10 or 15 times higher.

Taking into account the enormous business opportunity that calls represent for all local businesses (including real estate and service businesses), dental practices must take them seriously and put calls at the center of their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, most dental practices do not collect call data and have trouble differentiating where the calls are coming from. This makes it incredibly difficult to track back the calls to the marketing channels and campaigns that generated them. In essence, the owners of dental practices do not have enough data or information as to how their marketing campaigns are performing or how people are finding them.

Most marketing campaigns use the same phone number for the call center that they do at the dental practice as a contact point for customers, making it impossible to differentiate which marketing channel generated that call. To mitigate this, many campaigns often try to collect information post-call with customer surveys that are both inaccurate and voluntary, resulting in incomplete data on calls.

The use of call-tracking software is a perfect way to reverse this situation and get a grip on how your dental practice acquires customers so you can make the necessary changes to optimize your marketing spending.

CallScaler is an online call tracking software that generates unique phone numbers for each marketing channel or campaign, making it easy to collect data about which campaign generated the call as well as the cost of acquiring that call.

Despite generating multiple phone numbers for each marketing channel or campaign, all of the calls will still route to the call center at the dental practice—but with CallScaler doing the routing. This streamlines the calls to a common contact point while providing a framework for the data collection on each marketing channel.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using CallScaler For Dentists?

In essence, CallScaler provides affordable call tracking and analytics for dental practices in a user-friendly way.

  • The call recording feature provides you with insight as to why the calls are not converting into appointments. If the marketing channels are generating leads, but the leads do not convert, the chances are that the practices of your front office staff may need to change when taking calls.
  • The use of call tracking metrics can help pinpoint which campaigns or individual ads are doing a great job generating leads and which ones need to be either optimized or eliminated.
  • The analytics can help identify the areas where marketing spending is either too high or too low. Optimizing a marketing budget is quick and easy with CallScaler.
  • By adjusting the marketing spending and optimizing the marketing channels and campaigns, a new foundation for a more profitable dental practice is easy to put into place.

Why You Should Choose CallScaler Call Tracking for Dentists

Call tracking is the most accurate and powerful way to collect the data about potential patient leads, and it offers insight into how a dental practice can improve its marketing efforts and conversions. If your dental practice falls into one of the categories below, then the chances are that you could use call tracking software.

  • Your advertising spending is growing out of control, and you would like to put a stop to that, but you do not know where to start.
  • You have little to no insight into where the calls to your dental practice are coming from.
  • Currently, the only tracking and metrics you have about calls are coming from your front office staff via surveys and interviews with patients.
  • Patients are complaining that a large number of their calls are either going to voice mail or not being answered.
  • The number of calls you are receiving does not have a positive relation to the number of bookings.
  • Call-tracking software like CallScaler would be able to provide answers to all of these puzzles and provide accurate data and analytics that can help grow your business.

Although CallScaler is not the only call-tracking software on the market, the value and the features that CallScaler offers are unprecedented. CallScaler provides the following:

  • Call tracking for thousands of unique phone numbers at an industry-leading rate of $0.20 per number
  • Call flows allowing for a customizable experience that patients will hear, including voice greetings, call forwarding, voicemail, SMS, or multiringing
  • Call recording for all calls, as well as MP3 playback or download feature for each call
  • Call whispers, give you a heads up about which marketing channel is sending the call
  • Filtering and blocking of robot and spam calls
  • Missed-call notifications
  • E-mailing of call details, including a link to the recording of the call
  • Powerful reporting and analytics for advanced insight into your marketing spending and leads


If you would like to see how CallScaler can help your dental practice, sign up for a 7 day trial, and we will put $10 into your account to test out all of the features, risk-free!

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