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Will CallScaler be your new secret advantage over CallRail? 👇


I’m gonna keep this mega simple…

By switching to CallScaler, you get the lowest usage pricing in the industry.

This allows you to scale properly when you need to.

It’s why we built CallScaler in the first place…

Five years ago, we were about to do a campaign at CallRail that needed 100+ numbers but the usage pricing alone would have costed us $600+ per month.

So we created our own software.

Our goal was never to position ourselves as the cheapest option available…

(I actually think that’s a bad business strategy)

But instead, we focused on the fact that having the lowest usage pricing was actually a feature that allows you to try more marketing ideas & get the best result possible in your call campaigns.

It gives you flexibility to test, adjust, and optimize your campaigns without costs spiraling and screwing up your margins.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Increased Profit: With reduced usage costs, you can leverage our features to fine-tune your campaigns, resulting in better profits per lead source.
  • Greater Return on Marketing Spend: Lower costs equate to higher margins, so your marketing budget will go further, giving you an improved return on your spend.
  • Better Overall Margins: Not only will you benefit from cost savings, but you’ll also see improvements in your overall profitability.

We’re all here to make more money and by using the platform with the lowest usage pricing, you are making the choice to do exactly that.

And we have 5+ years under our belt serving agencies, local businesses, pay per call businesses & more…

My name is Curran, Founder of CallScaler, and here’s a picture of me (hi 👋)

And today I have a special deal for ya.

We want to give you $50 in free credit just for giving CallScaler a try.

You don’t have to commit to switching.

You don’t have to port your numbers over.

Just give it a try with your $50 free credit.

If you decide to start paying after trying it, we also want to give you 75% off for life on our plan that normally costs $199/mo on our pricing page.

This means you’re getting our most powerful plan with everything CallScaler has to offer + the lowest usage pricing in the industry.

(Honestly, I’m not sure if this is a good idea for us, but we made this a no-brainer for you to see if this ad works)

So yeah. You get to benefit from us testing this ad concept.

You don’t have to pay for anything on this page.

Just enter your name and email below to claim the free credit & 75% off for life coupon.

On the next page, you can start a trial immediately if you’re not busy right now.

We’ll also send you a few reminders to try this if you’re on the go.

Excited to see what you think!