Benefits of Call Tracking for Real Estate

The evolution of online technologies has had a massive impact on the real estate business. What was once a business built on word-of-mouth and advertising on local park and bus benches has evolved into an interactive platform through which your potential customers can browse available properties and get in touch with a real estate broker.

Maintaining an online presence is a must for real estate businesses today. With 9 out of 10 potential buyers using the internet to search for desired properties, being visible and having a strong online presence is crucial for successful real estate businesses. 

Building a strong online presence and optimizing your pages to rank high in search engine visibility is a complicated and often expensive process that involves a combination of SEO optimization, advertising campaigns, outreach, and technical improvements to your online portal.

With the increase in competition online, the cost of achieving those results is climbing, and finding a way to manage your marketing campaigns efficiently while also maximizing the return on your investment is vital. The best way to accomplish that for a business that relies on generating calls is by using Call Scaler call-tracking software.


Using Call Scaler for Comparing and Analyzing Different Marketing Campaigns


Getting qualified leads in a real estate business is a complicated and expensive task. The cost of acquiring a new customer can quickly skyrocket if expenditures on marketing campaigns are not under control. Call-tracking software allows you to analyze and compare promptly how your marketing campaigns are doing.

Generating calls that you and your brokers can turn into sales is essential. Call Scaler call tracking software connects to all of your marketing campaigns and collects data on received calls, then ties them with the source/campaign that generated the call. At the touch of a button, you can see where most of your business is coming from.


Optimizing ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns with Call Scaler


Collecting pure data on generated calls and tracking them to the source is just a beginning, and it does not improve your business by itself. The ability to make sense of that data—and use the tools to optimize your marketing campaigns to generate more calls for each dollar spent—is critical.

Call Scaler software offers an easy way to visualize and analyze collected call data in the form of custom reports, generated from the main user dashboard. It allows you to list all the generated calls quickly, compare the sources they came from, and analyze the cost of acquiring them. With Call Scaler, you can make the most out of the leads you receive by changing your focus and marketing strategy to highlight the campaigns that perform best.


Improve Your Real Estate Franchise Network with Call Scaler


Whether you are a real estate franchisor or franchisee, Call Scaler software provides the tools to compare and analyze the performance of each franchise and each marketing channel you use. Quickly identify which franchises are not performing well and what they might learn from the other franchisees in the network. 

Additionally, Call Scaler provides a user-friendly way of how to standardize and provide a more professional feel to your franchise network. By using standardized voice greetings, outside-of-working-hours messages, call forwarding, etc. your customers will feel that you are running a professional business that is worthy of their trust and money. 


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